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Friday, July 31, 2009

2009.07.30 Another Daddy-Daughter Day Out, The Wedding Preparation (3)

The cake tasting at Ixora was fun,
their cakes tasted really good!! cannot help but ordered 4 of them! (chocolate, mocha, green tea and vanilla). they are all natural, no preservative, not even baking soda.
They said that they use some liquor for the cake, but can't really tasted it, so i request them to add some more ;p

2009.07.30 Another Daddy-Daughter Day Out, The Wedding Preparation (2)

Then we have meeting at the Chapel, Bali Trtha Uluwatu,
a very beautiful place! poor pictures don't do justice to its beauty
to have my wedding here is a dream come true for me,
I will be be forever grateful, daddy ;)

the lobby area
On the way to the Guest's Lounge
White Orchid is their signature decoration
on the right hand's the chapel!
Let's enter the lounge!
The view from the lounge's dock,
on the left...
and on the right,
hello beautiful! ;D
Inside the chapel,Daddy looks all smiling and so happy and ready for my wedding ceremony!! ;D
preparation room for the guest
locker for the guest
Suite 1, the preparation room for the groom,
Suite 2 is for the bride, the exact same room, with the direct view of the chapel =)
it even come with the bathroom!
too much pictures already, i hope you enjoy the preview ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009.07.30 Another Daddy-Daughter Day Out, The Wedding Preparation (1)

Ciao tutti!
I'm so happy today, been outside for the longest time, daddy and I
we feel tired, but satisfied with our achievement today ;)
pick the flowers, had final meeting with the chapel staff, finalize my cake too,
so little time, so much to do, really.

before starting our meeting and all,
we had lunch at Anda Jatim, getting our regular meal...
he pretty much always order that meal, and i pretty much ALWAYS order the same stuff too...haha. we got hooked!
Then we went to the florist,
they prepared more flower today,
the purple rose was Coolwater, Holland Rose, I forget the name of the pink one,
it's pretty and kinda rare in Bali ;)
Frustrated and unsatisfied with the samples from magazines and the samples from the florist's own album, I ended up created my own bridal bouquet ;)
My bouquet cretion was the combination of 3 Holland Roses; the Coolwater (mauve purple), the pale pink one and the ivory. then Chrysanthemum in pale lilac color, some green stuff (don't even know the name) and it supposed to have some baby's breath...but they don't have any at the moment
the florist told me that chrysanthemum is not too glamorous for the wedding bouquet. but i think, the chrysanthemum here is essential to pull this combination together, without it, the cool water rose's color will be too dominant over the other flowers,
apparently dad's like this bouquet too...haha
My Perfect Summer Bouquet ;D
After i added some peach roses ;)
it should be around this size
and the smaller version for my lovely bridesmaids
trying on some organza sashes for the bouquet,
end up choosing the peach sash for the bridesmaid, and the pale lavender sash for me

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009.07.28 A Balinese Wedding, Congratulation to Ira & Cokde!!

Ciao tutti,
July 28th is one my best friend, Ira's birthday,
and apparently, this year it's also her wedding date ^^
Congratulation dear!! best wishes for you!!

too bad that the party was held in Tuesday!! hahaha...
Sav baby, was trapped in a meeting, and we end up arriving so late at the party,
like 9 pm!! LOL

here's me and Sav with traditional Balinese clothing,
the Kebaya + Kamen (the sarong) thank you babe for let me use your kamen (it's gorgeous!!), otherwise i'll be bottomless...!! haha. ps. this is my FIRST Kebaya ever!! i'm so happy!!
After signing up the guest book, we can grab some snack here,
I was amazed that there were still people stand by at the guest book was 9 PM!
Gamelan, Balinese traditional instrument
off course the ceremony was finished when we FINALLY arrived...LOL
and not much people left, however, I'm so happy to met some of my friends from junior high school year! They look awesomely handsome and beautiful in the traditional clothing, I love it! ;D
With the Bride & Groom ;)
The girls that were carpooling with me, we were so happy that they still have some foods!! haha
Some traditional hand-made decoration
Number 12 & 11, Seni & Wulan Sari ;)
that was our student number during 1997~1999 year period of the last H class generation at SLTPN 1 Denpasar (our Junior High School)
I have to sit behind her to hide my chubby'ness...hahaha
...and off course she insisted me to switch position after that!! LOL!! btw, Wulan is a new doctor, and she'd grown even more beautiful now ;)
with the couple's pre-wedding picture, it looks so nice that i want to have the same photo too!
...the uneven lighting made my nose look like it was stung by a bee...hahaha
a Balinese decoration made out of fruits & cupcakes.
it's really cute, looks like a Balinese dancer!! ;D
The carpoolers & the newly wed
The Bride
The happy couple
tired after the long day, but still manage to smileeee ;)
The stage were full of colorful decoration, so festive!! ;D
The colorful decoration were made out of pastries & candies
I was acting like a tourist, take picture of everything...LOL,
but then I only go back to Bali once a year, and I'm not always have the opportunity to attend a traditional wedding like this everytime,
my friends didn't even want to take picture with me, since they had went too much! haha
My beautiful girls
With Ari, the bride's brother
i know him since he was little, he's a big boy now ;)
At the end, I wish all the best for Ira & Cokde ;)

Even that we were came so late,
but I enjoy my trip with my carpoolers, it was too much fun to have the 2 hours girls talk during the trip!! we should hang out more often!! ;D

ps. my purse was a Tenganan (a small vilage in Bali) traditional handcraft made out of smoked roots

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