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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.19 Off for Now, Wedding Preview

I have to catch my flight to taiwan for now,
going to update the blog again after i come back, please stay tune ;))

for now, here's some preview from my wedding
the complete story will be here soon ;)

have a nice day all my dearest reader~~

2009.08.07 Wedding Rehearsal

In the morning, my bridesmaids came to my place,
because the chapel will send their car to pick us up ;)
Dad was so busy spreading the last invitation that he can't make it to the rehearsal,
so it was only the bride & groom + all the bridesmaid and one bestman

I'm still waiting for the picture from their camera as well,
here's some of the picture from Tony's cam and my iphone ;)

introducing my beautiful bridesmaids,
Vina, Miss.M (Maya), Putri & Vanessa
the staircase that will be use for the bride's entrance
the busy crowd on the rehearsal,
including the crew from the chapel, and the wedding organizer too
and after the rehearsal at the chapel, we went to pick up the wedding dress and tux,
then having lunch with Tony's mom, sister and friends from Taiwan

2009.08.05 Dinner with Dad

After the big lunch, Daddy took Tony and I for dinner at Warung Made,
it's always fun to go out with dad, he knows everyone,
therefore always got the best service anywhere ;p

my cam was foggy since we just get out of the full AC car,
here's hubby browsing the menu,
I especially like the napkins holder...looks hilarious!! haha
I love my dad!!
can you see that i got all my facial feature from him...those eyes...that (cute rounded) nose...the lips... =)))
Dad's order of Balinese Mix Rice with special rice too...
it wasn't on the menu, and the last time i want to order the same, i forgot the name!! duh! ;p
it was delish!!
Tony and I were still full from the huge lunch,
so we went on the light side of the dishes

Tomato & Mozarella, the basil leaves add a kick of flavor
my all time favorite ;)
it came with some brown breads...i took it home for my puppies ;p
Nicoise Salad for Tony,
it was delicious!!
Fun Dinner, dad wasn't ready for the camera...haha...looks so serious!!
Caramel Pudding for dessert ;)
kinda ruin my bride-to-be diet too...hahah

2009.08.05 Dress Alteration & Take Lunch

It was 3 days before the wedding day,
and the bridesmaids dresses just arrived yesterday with the groom,
so little time so much to do! only 2 of my bridesmaid are in Bali,
the other 2 is going to be here by tomorrow,
good thing that we have a family friend that own a garment, so she can help us altered the bridesmaid dresses ;)
and i was so happy that their dresses were fit well, only need to cut out the length by a little bit!!

after the dress alteration,
we went for lunch at Take, a Japanese restaurant that were recommended by Vanessa
Vanessa browsing around the menu,
hubby & I
the odd shape of soy sauce bottle,
its always dripping!!
cute decoration on the wall ;D
the lunch group ;)
everyone got this freebies, small bowl of radish and tuna
Tempura Udon
Katsu Don
Sashimi Boat,
this awesome sashimi boat were so fresh and delicious!!! mi piace molto!!
it even came with the baby lobster
the price was $30, almost can't believe it!! it will be at least double the price at US >,< the butter soyu clam was really delish!!
Unagi Roll
Gindara / Black Cod Sashimi,
one of my favorite, the meat is so buttery and just melt on the mouth,
can't help but order an extra plate of 'em!!
Chicken Liver was just ok
Ika, grilled squid with butter sauce...yumyumm!!
Grilled Gindara,
somehow the texture does not feels like gindara...
hubby and I were suspecting that they were given us the wrong fish! ;p

2009.08.04 My Bebe is Here!!!

I haven't met my hubby for 1,5 months!!
and I've been missing him alot! but on the other side, i had plenty of time for blogging,
if you notice...i've blogged religiously while I'm alone ;p

so today is the day that I've been waiting for the longest time,
I woke up early, took shower, and getting ready,
stop by the beauty salon to get my hair blowed dry,
i just want to look at my most beautiful when i meet him again ;)

the airport were jam packed, Bali on high season is total madness!!
good thing that i was only wait for 15 minutes,
then i saw him!!
he hugged me, but i feel weird...hahaha
i though i will jump and hug him, but i was hesitate to hug
i don't know why,
after a long time not seeing him, I always feel a little bit awkward, even that we always talk on the phone, chat and email'ing each other ;p

but anyway, I'm glad that he's here =)))

2009.08.03 Tropical Transit at Lapau

After the long day with Vanessa and Putri,
dad took me and Putri (that was sleepover at my place) to Dinner at Lapau,
a restaurant that sells homestyle Padang Food

we were getting ready here ;p
at Lapau,
no menu, we just pick whatever we want to eat from the glass display
My plate, i loveeeeee the eggplant!!
Tropical Transit, the best Latin band here!! ;)
there was a jam session, this girl were pretty good too!

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