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Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010.07.12 bebe Long Legs

From this angle, bebe looks so much like me
but from this angle, he looks super chubby &
he got his dad's legs, they are long :))

Friday, July 30, 2010

2010.07.11 1st Time Going to Church

Bebi E is one month and 3 days old, and ready to go to Church
still having baby acne, but less rashes
sit nicely in his car seat & ready to go!
bebi E sleeps well at church...but there's one point that he scream...good thing it was on time when the pastor finished the prayer, everyone was looking...hahaha...
Jana, the Pastor's youngest daughter loves to kiss, bebi E got his first kiss!
taking a nap after church
not long after that, it's another bed time already...good nite bebe ;))

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010.07.10 Saturday Outing

Good morning! bebi E is dressed and ready to go out ;D
on the background is mommy's vanity table that had been converted into bebi E's changing table...ohh, so much things that have to be compromised when the baby arrives ;p
and since baby E doesn't want to sleep in his pack and play, now we pack his clothes's easier than keep go back and fort to his nursery to get some clothes ;p
ps. baby like to mimicking parent's expression ;D
his baby acne getting much better now ;D
chubby butt XD~
Bebi E knows how to pose!! (^.^)v
playing with daddy ;D
mommy loves bebi E ;D
It was a bright sunny day, the West Seattle Community Park was crowded ;)
bebi E was tired, so we went home and took a short nap
Later on the afternoon, we took bebe to Green Lake, to meet up with friends...we only have 2 months of summer in Seattle, it's nice to be outside enjoying the warm weather :)

my friend, Yuka and I surprisingly got the same bebe au lait's nursing cover...haha
we were originally planned to get some nice gelato there, but seems like the gelato place been replace by Ben & Jerry's store...oh well...
bebi E & baby Ren ;D

Monday, July 26, 2010

2010.07.09 Happy One Month Baby!!

Happy one month my dear baby! I thank God for his blessing, baby E truly an awesome addition to our family ;))

Baby E looks so big here, my sister said that baby E looks so much like me, especially from this angle ;D
usually in Chinesse tradition, we celebrate the one month of the baby, and shave the baby head off. But I was still having pain that it's not comfortable to prepare a party at home, also most of our friends were away for Church Summer camp at LA

Mirror mirror on the wall...who's the cutest of E enjoying his baby gym XD~

2010.07.08 Morning!

Hello...good morning ;D

2010.07.07 A Long Nap on a Summer Day

Bebe took a loooooooooongg nap, 4 hours straight!! :o
the baby acne still linger, but it's getting better, not as red anymore
Daddy's home! but he went to nap right away...booo...good thing mommy plays with me!
...and bebe getting sleepy too... ;p
today is super hot!!! yay for sleeveless clothes!
hi Bear...
push up...1...2...1...2...
ahhh...he went back to his nap ;D

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