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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vanessa's Eye Make Over

Yesterday Vanessa visit me,
and bring me the ume sake and jackfruit snack...yumyum...
we were bored and i decided to play make over on her,
we end up only doing her eyes, because it was so late already,
it was a fun, Vanessa is a pleasant to work with
and her eyelashes are ridiculously long!! I'm so jealous!!

so here is Vanessa's "before" pic

and the close up of the "before" pic

all the colors i put on her yesterday was from the Coastal Scents 88 Color Shimmer Palette, and some from the Coastal Scents 88 Color Matte Palette. it was so fun playing with these palettes, it have a great color pay off (and the price is cheap too!!)
here's the picture of both palettes, and the color that i use

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette

Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette

Product use on her eyes,
* MAC Paintpot in Bare Study all over the lid, up to the brow bone. as a base
* CS 88 Shimmer Palette in Gold 1*6 all over lids up to browbones
* CS 88 Shimmer Palette in White Pink 1*2 on inner lids and on inner lower lash lines
* CS 88 Shimmer Palette in Charcoal 11*4 on the lids only
* CS 88 Matte Palette in Black 11*8 as eyeliner on the upper lash line
* CS 88 Matte Palette in Brown 11*6 to blend up the black liner, continue blending up to the lid

* Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black eyeliner
* Rimmel Volume Flash Mousse mascara on upper & lower lash line
* Andrea Falsie #21

The Chart from that nite

Then here's Vanessa after the eye make over,

and some of the close up pics of the eyes

25 random things about me - tagged!

from my facebook ;D

25 Random Things About ME
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to tag, including the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people - in the right hand corner of the app - then click publish.)

ok, i'll follow the direction and tag 25 peoples, but if you read my notes, you are free to join the tag as well,
let's start...

1. I LOVE movies. love love love. and if i have to categorize my life into a movie category, then it will be a ROMANTIC COMEDY. i had some very interesting love story, and unfortunately, funny silly things always happen to

one example,
one day Tony and I was inside of the elevator with this American (old) man with totally white hair
you know (or maybe don't know) that Tony have lots of white hair...HAHAHA...
so i was teasing him,
me (speaking in Chinese) : see Tony, you have so many white hair, soon, you will looks like that guy
I can't recall ton's answer, but suddenly the old guy speak to us
old guy : ni men shi cong guo ren ma? (in Chinese, meaning: are you guys chinese?)
i was mortified...

2. my mom & dad
NNY!! we are like this comedian family!

3. I'm a sucker for all those carbs, i know i shouldn't eat that a lot, but that's my favorite! noodle, rice, LOVE Indonesian fried rice, with a sunny side up on top, chicken satay and shrimp crackers...yamyam!!

4. i cry a lot. i watch a movie, i cry. i saw people on hospital, i cry. i visit a orphanage, i cry. i see blood, i cry. and after i cry i'll get bad headache! just can't help it

5. i fought a lot with my brother and sister when we were younger, i wish that i were the only child. but i tell you now, they are the BEST sibling! now that all of us live in different places, i miss them so much.
when we all go back to our home in Bali, we'll chat untill so late, my dad will keep telling us to go to sleep, but we never really listen...haha

6. me and my siblings have weird nickname that we use to call each other,aboriginal Balinese people have lots of funny name, usually they name their children with whatever happening that time, some ppls name like "door", "table" or whatever those funny name. so we think we want to have one too, it's in balinese, but if i translate, i'll be the "Sister Egg" ---> because they say my oval-shaped face look like those eggs. my sister is "Sister Spinach" ---. the story behind it was too nasty to be share here!! HAHA!!
and my brother is "brother Shrimp" because when he was little he was super skinny that his body curl up like a shrimp...and his face always looks red too! lol...

7. i still can't get over about the death of my beloved puppy, Bobi. he passed at early 2004. i still miss him badly.
note: he was a pet with attitude. self-center, lazy, greedy, a...little bit stupid (my mom said that he was super stupid), he always eat expensive stuff, he jumped to the table, ate my dad's glasses (3 of them) and my mom hate Bobi so much. i don't know why i love him badly, but i do love him.

8. when i was little, around 6/7 i want to be flight attendance. it was a popular "dream career" among my girl friends.

9. I have this affection toward foreign language. my first language is Indonesian, English is my second, then after i graduate from highschool i moved to Taiwan to learn Chinese. now I'm learning Italian (the grammar is hard!! ) but i think Italian is so nice. my goal is to be able to speak in 5 languages before i hit 30. wish me luck!

10. i ate shark.

11. i prefer hugs more than kisses, but most of the time hugs followed by kisses...haha

12. i LOVE foods!! i'm quite adventurous in trying all different food. i love those raw sushi/ sashimi.

13. i love make up. it's really fun, by the end of last year, i started some videos on youtube, doing some make up review, and tutorial. now i already have more than 560 subscriber. it grew pretty fast. i enjoy it a lot.

14. i'm a claustrophobic, i always scared if one day i don't have enough oxygen to breath, therefore i can't stand anything that will make me feel like that. example: i can't go diving because i hate to have my nose covered by the mask. nonononono...

15. i'm not scared of height at all. i love to sit on high places, do paralleling, never worry when i'm on plane.

16. I'm scared of doctor and hospital.

17. i had a fabulous sweet 17 birthday party. thanks daddy!!

18. ok, talk about daddy...i'm more about daddy's little girl

19. when i was younger, i argue a lot with my mom, a lot of time i feel that i hate her. but now i regret it, as i grow older, i understand that everything she did was for my own good. i LOVE you mommy!!
so much so much lha! even that you always play favorite to my brother...haha, but i still love you! ;p
mommy is super funny too. she's the bargain queen! (and proud that she was grew up inside a

20. i think my grandma cooks the best food in the world!!! btw, it's my grandma from mommy's side, grandma from dad's side can't cook at all lha...she order catering for herself everyday

21. i want to stay 21 forever, but i almost hit a quarter life now. i hope that i won't get too much wrinkle...

22. I'm a Gemini. i always have those 2 opposites sides of me. i like to socialize, but sometimes i turn down a party to stay at home and reading. oh ya, forget to mention, i love books! i love love love reading!!

23. i think that i've been blessed with such a HUGE luck. even that sometimes i complain this and that, but actually my life is never that hard.

24. i love my life so much, and want to enjoy it to the max. i don't care if some haters gossiping behind my back, you're just jealous because your life is too boring!! that's why you have so much time to gossiping about me lha! hahhaha...poor you...

25. ok, first i though that 25 is a lot, but seems like i have so much more that i can type about...ok lastly...I LOVE YOU TONYYYYYYY!!! i mean Tony Yang, my husband...since there's so much tonys out are the best! you make me laugh everyday, you keep me young! lovelovelove!!
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