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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010.06.19 About Baby E

We knew that there's no two fingerprints are identical...the same story apply to babies,
babies are very unique, here's some of baby E's treats ;D
1. He HATES being swaddle
a lot of books, and even doctors said that newborn love being swaddle, because the tight snuggly feeling from the swaddle reminds them of the womb environment, makes the baby feel safe and warm. We swaddle baby E on his first night at home, but it didn't last long time, he always manage to let himself out...I guess this baby can appreciate freedom at very early age ;p

2. He is...VERY LOUD!!
I remember the second he was out of my womb, he cried so loud! I though the cry will not last long and he will fall asleep...wrong!! he cried cried and cried for a long time. He usually doesn't give us any warning -like cry in smaller volume- he just suddenly scream his lung out! so loud, and pretty high pitch as well...haha...

3. He sleep A LOT!!
We took him to a family friend's daughter's birthday party...we arrive there at 2 pm and stay there pretty long until 12 pm, and my baby sleep all the way, only wake up for eat. Hubby said that baby's sleep behavior is just like mine...I can sleep super long, like more than 12 hours straight, wake go back to sleep again...haha...I did that a lot during my 1st trimester and last trimester of my pregnancy ;p

4.He DOES NOT burp well...
we tried so many different way to burp him, he just doesn't do it very well, so he end up spit and throw up alot =(( we have to change his clothes at least 4 times a day, and change his bib more than 5 times a kidding! we end up buying a new HE washing machine because we have to do laundry so often

5. He has HUGE appetite
sometimes I have to feed him every hours...sometimes I have to feed him for 2 or 3 hours nonstop (just have like 5 minutes break to burp him and he will scream and demand to go back to boobies again!). Maybe that's why I manage to loose 25 pounds in 2 weeks!

6. He is a CLEAN baby
He really hates the feeling of wet diaper, when he cried so loud, super mad that he turn red-purplish...we know that it mean he want us to change his diaper.
It's awesome than in less than a week I pretty much can tell the meaning of his cry...
owaaaa...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! ---> dirty diaper
yeeeeee...iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... ---> hungry ;D E is love being hug, he loves to sleep on my arm, and love it more to sleep on his daddy's chest...therefore he loves to sleep in our bed, and will cry if we put him in his own crib. He also not the most passionate baby, if he want something, he have to have it right away. He dreams a lot...he makes weird faces in his sleep...giggles, screams too! LOL!! hubby said that baby E is very tricky, like to puke right after we change his clothes...haha...he's not the most calm baby, and definitely a challenge to take care of..BUT, hubby and I love him so much, and couldn't imagine life without him now, he truly the greatest blessing upon our family =)

here's some picture of the day

Daddy feed him...btw, I really hate hubby's t-shirt...I call it burp clothes, haha! but unfortunately, he got 3 of those t-shirt...duh!
Daddy said I'm in charge to finish this bottle
changing a new bib
Mommy loves to dressed me up
Happy Tummy XD~
when he smiles in his's too cute for words!!
wink wink...happy after mommy feed him ;D
hubby give baby E new nickname..."superman" because lots of time his bib turn like this and looks like a cape instead! haha... (ps. did I told you that he changes bib so often??!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

2010.06.18 With Friends

Today, we did another shot...trying to let baby E sleep on his own bed. As usual, we put him there AFTER he fell asleep...(to put him there before he fell asleep is just too much headache at the moment!!). At first he looks okayyy...
...but in less than 5 minutes, he woke up and cried badly...owaaaaaaaaaa...AAAAAAA!!!!! I don't get it, how he knew that he wasn't on our bed... ;p
Soon after that, our family friend, the Lee family came and visit us again, and this time, Ann will help me to bath baby E ;)
baby E got really maddddddddddddddddddddddd during the shower...!! he scream until he turn red like a lobster!!
this time, even the pacifier can't do its magic anymore...bebe is wayyy to madd!!
Mommy calm him down a little...
but he scream again when I showered him with the water...duh! always so much drama during the bath time ;p
Already out of the water...but still super mad...!!
our friends, David & his daughter Faith
back to baby E...still crying!!!!!!...LOL
this is Ann & David's second child, baby Luke...he's one month older than baby E. Baby Luke is so calm and quiet
his eyelashes are so long...!!
I was so shocked when i saw this picture...I though baby E was giving middle finger to Auntie Ann...good thing it was his ring finger!!
he stop crying after we dressed him...
After that, the Lee family left and we were planning to met them again for dinner. Now it's time for us to get ready and take baby E to his doctor appointment.
Baby E getting cozy while waiting for mommy to get ready
as always, on the way to the doctor office, baby E looks super if he understands if we were taking him to the doctor...
trying on daddy's shade
E & E
Baby E got measured and he was 8 lbs & 10 oz, almost back to his birth weight that was 8lbs & 13.8oz.
Daddy & baby E...what were they doing...??
looks like a staring competition!
After the doctor appointment, we went for shopping...woohoo!!
it was mostly shopping for baby E,
I remember how hubby was keep complaining that I keep buying baby stuff even before the baby is born, he keep saying that I bought too much for the baby...but now, he always wonder that we don't have enough clothes for this little guy! who knows that we going to have this tricky bebe that like to pee right after we changed him!

I asked my friends, "how many times you change the baby clothe everyday?"
one friend said "once a day"
other friend said "sometimes the baby can wear the clothes up to 2 days"
and my baby change up 4, 5 times a day!! no kidding...!! we do laundry almost everyday now
since he puked a lot and we only have 4 bibs, I decide that we need a serious shopping time! we picked up 10 new bibs and whole new clothes for this little guy...

I also got myself some nursing was the first time we actually went out other than visiting doctor office. I don't have idea that the milk can leak... o_O" so many new thing that I experienced after the birth of my son, it's quite exciting!

Soon after baby E and I finished the shopping spree (hubby was too tired, he slept in the car ;p), we met the Lee family for dinner. It was a great, I really enjoy hanging out with them and share story about parenting.

The long day is not over yet, our other friend, Ali & Yuka Moulin also want to visit baby E. They brought their son, Ren to visit us. Baby Ren is 2 months older than baby E :)

baby E was still sleeping...
they both E is awake now
Baby E looks so serious, baby Ren looks so happy! ;D
at the E finally smiles a little ;p
the daddies and their hand purse... ;p

2010.06.17 See You ~~

Baby E in his sleep... XD~
Hubby's family gonna go back to Vancouver, WA today...they only stay for one night.
Baby E play with Auntie Carol
With Uncle Steven & Auntie Carol...they came from Taiwan, and they visit US every year...bye bye for now, baby E will visit the big family on Chinese New Year 2011, by that time he will be 8 months old :)
After the family left, we took baby E to his nursery, and try out the crib...he looks so small inside his crib!!
...and he got very mad!! he hates it when we put him on the bed by himself... T___T we were about to train him to sleep on his own, but seems like we always picked the wrong time!! baby E was cries cries cries...and we tried to ignore it, just to find out that he got a very wet diaper at that time...bah! next time gotta check his diaper first before we try to train the bebe ;p
After lunch, daddy try to help him burp...bebe looks uber cute here XD~
ugh...I don't like it when mom and dad put me on the bed...I love being cuddle!!
..then I cried to get mom & dad's attention...
but they put pacifier to shut me up...bah! xp
I'm loud but I'm cute! (if you wonder...he did the pose himself!!)
Mommy and baby E
baby E spit when daddy tried to changed his diaper...then daddy helped him to burp, I think this picture is so E looks like a fat monkey from the
sleeping on mommy's E got mommy's lips :)
it's bath time!! baby E only a week and a day old but looks so big already o_O"
refreshed after the bath ;)
daddy combed bebe's hair side parted...bebe looks so old like this ;p
daddy fed him before bed time...
and he throw up again after you really need to learn how to burp well! then we changed his clothes, then go to sleep...good night :)

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