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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010.06.08 The Countdown to E's Birthday

Ciao tutti,
I've been overwhelmed with the birth of my son, it was really amazing,
and now that I finally have the time to update, I would like to write the story of his birth here to share with my family and friends ;)

It was Tuesday, June 8th...
it was already past baby E's due date, which was June 7th...we were all cannot wait to see him. Hubby became anxious since I haven't really got any real contraction so far, only 2 contraction that last less than 5 minutes!
it was almost 6 pm when hubby and I woke up from our short nap, when suddenly I feel a strong stomach cramp on my lower stomach, it was so intense that I got goosebumps all over my arms. But then, in one minute, the sensation were gone completely.

Then, when i sit up and left my bed, i feel a gush...o'ooooww...what is that??!!
I wasn't sure if it was the lost of mucus plug or I broke my water already, I was totally clueless. So I call the family clinic and I was lucky because the doctor on call for the day was my Ob-Gyn herself =))
she told me to head to hospital and go to the triage to get checked, since I already in full term and the baby is past his due date.
so I went shower, and packed some magazine to my hospital bag. We were in hurry because hubby became so nervous! I was all calm, I even still chatting with my friends, and update my fb status...haha...

We arrived hospital around 8 pm and went to the triage right away, I got checked and it was positive that I broke my water already, so I can't leave the hospital anymore until the baby is born. The nurse said that the baby have to be out of the womb within 12-17 hours after the water broke.

I was thinking...OMG...I haven't blow out my hair and haven't even have dinner!! I tried to make hubby cooperate with me and help me escape the hospital for dinner...but he won't =(
so hubby went and get me some food and packed some more stuff to bring to the hospital. It took quite a while for him to gather all the thing we need, I was bored at the triage, can't even text my family and friends because they were no reception at all...good thing that they have I use fb to communicate to my family and friends...yay to fb!

being bored at the hospital... ;p
By the time hubby arrive at the hospital with all the stuff, it was almost 11 pm already, and I was already 3 cm dilated, which is 1 more cm more than the last Friday. The nurse and doctor send me to walk around the hospital to help me get more dilated.

hubby brought me the delish Chinese Egg tart...oh yum!!
I was so hungry because i haven't had dinner, so we went to get some food at the hospital...they surprisingly have this pretty good Turkey Cheese Nachos!
We were walking around the hospital when the contraction start hitting me real hard that I have to pause once in a while just to catch my breath! then we decided to walk back to the triage. At the triage, they send us to the birthing suite right away, and I changed into the hospital clothes
Not long after we moved to the birthing suite, the doctor came and checked me, saying that I was around 4/5 cm dilated, and the contraction was already 3 minutes apart...that's fast!!
I think the good thing about having the water broke first is that we are sure that we are in labor already, so the contraction were the real deal, not the false one =)

My baby was sunny side up (OP) so I was having back labor. Since the baby's head is pressing my spine, the back pain was much more painful than the contraction itself! It was so painful that my eyes got teary!

good thing my nurse was super awesome! (too bad I forget her name...) she asked if I want "%$E#&*&%*" ---> I can't remember the name, since i was in so much
and since I can't answer anymore, she made the decision for me, she injected the narcotic pain killer into my IV. and told me not to worry because it will worn out in 1 hour.
after that, I was all calm, I feel like drunk / fly...haha...and by the time the anesthesiology came to gave me the epidural, I almost fell asleep ;p

After the epidural, the pain was gone...yess, it was gone!! I didn't feel pain anymore, only slight pressure on my lower tummy when the contraction hit.
the nurse told me to get some rest, then I slept through the night =)))

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