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Friday, June 18, 2010

2010.06.13 Today Is A Better Day

Hubby stayed up all night watching baby E during the treatment...hubby surprised me, He really good at taking care of E
we have to feed him a lot so the bilirubin can go through his pee and poo more often...thank God that baby E never loose his appetite!
the side effect of the E became really tanned! XD~
I don't understand why he hates it so much when we change his diaper...the pacifier helps to calm him down
baby E doing kick
cranky baby attacks!!!!
tired after being cranky...
baby E passed out due to food coma...I nursed him for 1 hour. Thank God for the awesome lactation nurses at Swedish hospital, for the never ending encouragement and support so I keep on going. Breast feeding was really rough at the first couple days when the milk haven't come yet, but thanks to all the support, we have a smooth journey now :)
this was the first time I nursed him that long, and the end of formula milk intake, I was really committed to give him BF exclusively
btw, this was the last meal we got at the hospital...haha...feel bad to have food feast while bebe was going through treatment ;p
After the overnight treatment, baby E got his blood drawn at 9am, and the result was pretty good. his bilirubin level has dropped from 19 to 15.3

tiny foot with lots of needle mark >,< After lunch, we were visited by one of the doctor, he looked like those Oxford professor with the thick long beard and the brown jacket. It was so cool that we got to asked all the question we had regarding our son's condition, here's some information about it
baby E's bilirubin level was 19, and if the bilirubin level go up to 25, it might cause brain damage! if the bilirubin level is less than 15, baby E will get discharged from the hospital, and they will ignore any bilirubin level that is less than 12.
he said that baby E's bilirubin level has dropped 20% overnight, that considered fast improvement, I was so happy!

Q: what caused my son's bilirubin to be that high?
A: first...he's an Asian baby. Asian race are more prone to this condition. second, he's a boy, boys normally have higher level of bilirubin than girls. third, he had bruised on his head from the forcep during the birth. and four, because the mother's milk haven't come.

Q: how to reduce the bilirubin level?
A: with the light theraphy, and the bilirubin will go out from pee and poo, so the baby need to eat constantly. lastly, the older they get, the lower the bilirubin level is.

Later on, baby E got another blood test and they told us that his bilirubin level was 12.3, so we can take him home, that's awesome!!

Oh, there was something happened on this day that changed the way I see my baby. At first, I don't want to spoil my baby too much...a.k.a, when he cry or something, not just hug him right away or something like that, to train my baby became more independent.

So, I was talking to this one lactation nurse, she super nice, the name was Isabel. She told me the story of her 2nd daughter that was a clingy baby, and then when the daughter grew up, she doesn't even let the mom kiss her in front of her friends...typical teenager? hehe...
Isabel told me that sometimes she missed the time when the daughter was only an infant, where she always need her and want to be with her. Oh...her story brought me to tears!
Now I hope that baby E won't grow up too fast, I want to hug him as long as I could, kiss him, pamper him...take a lot of picture of him every day because baby grow up so fast! (I hope it explain the massive number of pictures I take everyday ;p)

Now, being a parent myself, i understand why my dad often said "It just feel like yesterday when you only this small (he use his hands to show me how small i was) and sleep on my chest..." ...I love you daddy! :)

After we went home, I nursed baby E right away when we got home, baby E is still learning how to latch. Most of the time he will get really frustrated if he can't get it fast enough...
Then, after I nurse him, hubby will take baby E over and try to burp work rocks!
weird face competition...who's the winner here??!
I love my chubby baby XD~
baby E trying his bouncer while we having dinner
happy feet ;D
Baby E does a lot of funny gestures with his hands, I did not helped him pose at all!play with daddy before bed time, my baby looks so serious!
another of his hand gestures...rock on bebe!
baby inside a tulip...hubby's creation...haha
my lovely babies...thank God for my little family...good night... :)

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  1. so glad baby E is getting better :) seeing the little foot pictures breaks me heart, he's a tough baby!


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