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Monday, April 26, 2010

2010.04.26 Embracing My New Curve

Celebrating my new maternal curve, I was 34 week pregnant with baby Ethan,
Taken by Joysha Fajardo Photography on 2010.04.22

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010.04.17 A Letter From the Past

Today when I was re-organizing my drawers,
I found a thin stack of postcard and photos on the very bottom corner of my drawer. The hidden place, some people called it. A place where you store your personal stuff that won't easily found by other people.

Looking at the stash,
it throw me back to five years ago, December 2005, it was my first Christmas in Seattle.
the postcard and the photos came inside a box, my Christmas present.
It was sent by a man that I loved, the first person I ever love so dearly...someone with a heart of gold, kind and sweet. We weren't together anymore when he sent me the present, but his kindness remain.

So, while I was staring at the postcard, suddenly I remember something...
it wasn't me that keep that stash on that hidden place!!
yes, I did keep the postcard on the same exact same place few years ago, but on different drawer. That drawer was damaged badly while we move in to the new place, so hubby and I got a new drawer.
I remember that I was seven months pregnant and was so exhausted during the moving time last month,
I remember...that hubby being nice and do all the thing for me...
including transferring all my stuff from the old drawer to the new one.

I realize, that it wasn't me that keep my secret stash on the corner of my was my husband...and he never mention anything, never ask me about that.

So, out of curiosity, I asked him today about that matter.
He was really cool about that,
He understand that it was part of my past, part of me.
He knows that I still talk to that other guy once in a while, and my hubby is fine with it,
He trust me, that's what I adore about my hubby ;))

Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010.04.08 Pretty's Babies

Ciao tutti!!
sorry for the lack of update on my blog, I've been extremely busy lately with the new house,
there's still lots of boxes to unpack, and with my huge tummy, it will take longer...haha ;p you remember my entry about my new puppies in Bali
last time I posted their picture, they were only a week old or so, looks so tiny and fragile.
but now the puppies are all grown up!! well...not that grown up, but they are at least 1 months old now, and look much much bigger than their last picture ;D
ps. their birthday is on February 18th, and this pictures were sent to me by my cousin couple weeks ago

I hope you won't get sick of their pictures...they are part of my family and i love them dearly ;)
here's the triplet, Binggo, Boxer and brother gave them the name ;D
being flirty...*wink* ;))
he's so little!! ;D
this one resemble Pretty (the mom) when she was little

being's fun to have siblings to play with ;D
they used to fit comfortably in one bowl all together...
but not anymore!! they can't fit in the bowl without squeezing each other now XD~
they grown up too fast!!
eating baby's food...because the mom's milk is not enough for them anymore...and the mom getting too skinny... >,< yumm'o...!!
what a messy eater... ;p
more pics of the cuties ;D
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