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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010.10.02 Afternoon Tea

It was Saturday morning and I was going to go for the church's ladies fellowship
hubby will take care of bebe today, so I can enjoy the fellowship with the other ladies :)
The ladies at church (including me) always think that we had way more fun than the men. We always have more foods and going to different places, while the men usually go to the same breakfast buffet place haha ;p

this time we held the event at
Queen Mary Tea Room
2912 N.E. 55th Street
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 527-2770 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (206) 527-2770 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

each of us got different cups, they were all beautiful
I got the royal rose tea, it sounds so regal...haha ;D
the menu for our afternoon tea
they also put a tiara on each table, so we can take turn wearing it and feel princessy
such a cute honey jar
the ladies fellowship :)
Fruit Sorbet Trio
everything were so pretty there, even the salt & pepper shake...and also the colorful crystal sugar
jam & marmalade to share
whipped cream & butter on individual plates
pretty & delicious!
after the afternoon tea, I went to Nordstorm with my friend Ann, and new friend Jackie to get birthday present for hubby's upcoming birthday. We found this really nice Rock&Republic jeans but apparently they don't have hubby's size (32) in stock and he had to pick it on the other store...but luckily my new friend Jackie was pretty persistent to find it, and found out that the one on the mannequin was the exact jeans we were trying to find. So we stripped down the jeans pronto!

2010.10.01 he Sits!!

Bebe was almost 4 months old when he sit on his own. My friend Joysha came to my place, and play with bebe, putting him on sitting position, and bebe really can sit without any support! ;D

2010.09.30 New Jumperoo

I was trying to put bebe on his old swaddle, it just wont fit anymore! haha
on the afternoon, daddy's home and assembled bebe's new jumperoo
bebe loves it and keep bouncing in it XD~

2010.09.28 Before Bed Time

stomach alert!!
trying on his new shoes, it was a gift from a friend :)
I love you both to the moon & back!
I'm sleepy mommy...
but I can still pose for the camera...
why babies loves to eat their hands...???
practicing pai-pai pose for Chinese New Year ;D
OK mommy...I'm mastering the move already!
so...we have to lift up the hands first then bring it down, right mommy?
I hope I will have lots of thick red envelopes!

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