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Friday, December 3, 2010

2010.09.05 & 06 Labor Day Weekend: Manson & Lake Chelan

So, our Church is having our first retreat's going to be around Lake Chelan area. it's like 4 hours drive from Seattle. The plan is we will leave together after the Sunday service and will drive back to Seattle on Monday afternoon

I was expecting great sunny weather for the weekend, so I put baby E on this cute short
he got so excited!! XD~
Baby E is having a condition where he spit up a lot (it's like vomit) after each meal. The doctor told us not to worry about it, and said that baby E will gradually get better until he's 1. and now he's only 3 months old...oh my...
so I have no choice but putting this HUGE UGLY plastic bib on him all the time. otherwise we will need at least 5 regular bib before we even reach the destination. The distance from our home to Church is like 20-30 minutes. ps. I hate that bib a

Jana helping baby E with the binky
no papa...don't kiss me!
On the way to Lake Chelan, it was so beautiful...lots of winery along the way.
Arriving at The Miller's apple farm where we going to stay for the night.
pardon the messy hair, it was (unexpectedly) super windy and cold!
with Jr, the Pastor & P'Sung, the Pastor's wife
Jana loves to kiss babies!
people setting up tents for sleep at night, also preparing the food for our dinner
I love baby bjorn!
busy afternoon for everyone
can you see the HUGE tent? it still flat but later on that night, we will have lots of fun gather together inside that tent, share our testimony, praising God and getting to know each other more
Ann playing with baby E
finally...a family picture of us 3 ;D
dinner time...yay...!! thank to David that borrow me his windbreaker was so windy and cooooooooooooooldddddddddddd...!! brrrrrr...!!
meanwhile, baby E was sleeping inside one of the tent
building the biggest tent
they were taking group picture while I was nursing my baby inside...booo... ~~>,<~~ later on that night we had an awesome fellowship time inside the big tent. then Ann & I, got to sleep inside the house because we had infant with us. Ann choose to sleep on the mattress on the floor with her 2 kids, and I had to sleep on a very low bunk bed with baby E, it's so hard to nurse the baby there, I can't even seat because the bunk bed was too low...we promised that we will stay at hotel next time...haha ;p

the next morning we have breakfast, then praise & worship together. it was lead by Ann
more family picture with the ah-mah-zing view before we start driving to Lake Chelan ;D
it was so bright we could barely open our eyes. Very sunny but cold (tipical Seattle's summer)
at the apple farm...posing on the truck
with Orn Miller, the owner...she was really sweet
across the street from their farm
The Miller also gave us couple boxes of their apples, people attack the boxes right away...haha...and they were surprised that I only got like 5 I just want to take enough.
gotta make a scandalous type of picture with apple just because it reminds me of my favorite tv series...Desperate Housewives!
group picture...yay!!
finally...we reach Lake Chelan
the water was crystal clear, but still cold. lake & beaches should have warm water like those in Bali!! I think the perfect match will be nice warm water with cool breeze of air....where can I find a place like that??
I was mad at hubby that time because he looks all happy with his swimsuit and told me that he's going to rent the jetski! while we were packing at home, he tricked me to not bring my swimsuit because I have to watch baby E. So I was so unhappy when he said he's going tp play jetski!!! :((( He knew that I was upset and asked if I want to ride the motor boat instead, but I'm already unhappy, I don't want to play motor boat too!! bah...but at the end he end up not renting the jetski because it got really windy and cold...bwahahha

the real lifeguard that keep having weird smile on her face while ear dropping me ranting about hubby...LOL
after that we drove to German Town a.k.a Leavenworth for dinner. We arrive there late because Andy who were in our car mistakenly took other people's car key and they realize it like after we drove 30 miles! so hubby had to drive back 30 miles...took so long. anyway, we arrived safe & sound and happy too, ready to devouring those German foods!

at our favorite restaurant, King Ludwig
outside the restaurant
2 years ago, on March 15 2008, hubby and I also took picture at the very same spot...oh, how time flies so fast!!
hubby ordered this for us two, so I'm happy again haha ;D
after all, it was a great long weekend with our dearest friends...cannot wait for another long weekend / holiday!!

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