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Friday, January 22, 2010

2010.01.21 It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!

21st week

my tummy look a little bit smaller than last week,
I lost around 3 lbs this week due to a nasty cold & sinusitis.

we were so excited today,
the ultrasound test basically is checking all parts of the baby. the lung, the brain, tummy, legs, arm, everything...and also the girl that perform the ultrasound asked if we want to know about the baby's gender. off course YES!! haha, we've been waiting forever to find out about that ;D

good thing the baby was really cooperative with us,
bebe spread the leg really wide and...we saw the wiener!!! LOL
"congratulation, it's a boy!" the girl said,
i was staring at the monitor and get confused. since it was only a regular 2D ultrasound, they don't have the fancy 4D one.
"are you sure?" i asked her...
"yes, i saw it so many times already! some baby's wiener is hiding, but this one is obviously sticking up, so easy to see. i'm more than 100% sure that it's a boy!" she replied

so...i'm having a little boy with a big wiener here...haha ;D
and also we were so happy to find out that the baby was really active and healthy
"your baby is very active, he moves around so much!" the girl told us again

here's some pictures of our little boy ;)
he is 20.5 weeks / 11.3 inches / 14 oz
I've gain around 4 kg during this pregnancy

profile pictures...hubby said that the little boy looks like me ;D
are you sleepy bebe...?
bebe picking up his nose...LOL
he likes to kicking & punching my tummy all night long!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010.01.21 Nervous for the Ultrasound!!

finally, today is the day that we will find out the gender of our baby,
January 21st, my 21st week of pregnancy ---> what a match number!! ;D
I've been sleepless the whole night,
keep thinking of what's the result going to be... ^___^
sooo...I'm going to take mytime to get ready now,
and watch my bebe from the ultrasound monitor in about 2 hours from now,
cannot believe that the day has finally come, I'm so happy!! x3

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010.01.16 Made Me Giggle ;D

18th week of pregnancy

Ciao tutti,
hopefully everyone is doing well in this new year ;D
some news from me,
I'm on my 5th month of pregnancy now, almost cannot believe came so fast???

19th week of pregnancy

last Friday, on January 8th,
we went to the doctor to have monthly check up,
and when the doctor put the Doppler to find the baby's heartbeat,
she told me that the baby kicked twice during the exam,
she asked if i can feel the movement...and i said "no"
it was on my 19th week of pregnancy.

3 days ago, on my 20th week of pregnancy, just before i fell asleep,
suddenly i feel a weird movement on my tummy, like butterfly. but i ignore it.
the next morning, it happened again, twice,
then again on the next night.
i came to realize, that it's the baby!!! the baby's kick is getting stronger for me to feel it,
oh feel so funny and made me giggle ;D
20th week of pregnancy

yesterday, when i was reading a Sherlock Holmes novel,
the baby kick twice. then i call my hubby and told him that, he said he can't wait to go home and feel the baby's movement too ;)
I guess the baby know that the daddy wants to feel it too,
so the baby being pretty cooperative ;D
when hubby touch my stomach, the baby suddenly kicked, and the hubby was so surprised...haha

I'm just so happy to be able to feel the baby now,
every time the baby kick, it always bring a smile to my face ;D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009.12.18 View From the Top...Denver

and this is what i saw before our plane landed at Denver...
my first time ever visited mid-west, and I was amazed by the landscape,
never in my life i seen anything like flat and brownish...

I wonder...what was those circular shapes...was those naturally formed...?
it was a very long river
finally we can see some buildings
was it a naturally formed pyramid...?
the city of Denver
just before we landed ;)

2009.12.18 View From the Top...Washington

These picture was taken during my flight from Seattle to Denver,
even that we purchased our ticket weeks ahead, earlier that morning we almost didn't get seat on the plane...apparently the Frontier (yes, i mention the aviation company here!) sold more seats than what they had.
at last minute, they offer $400 bucks and hotel voucher for people that would give up their seat and fly on the next day. some people did, and my seat got upgraded to their front seat that was bigger...hmmm...not bad!
that was one of the moment where one will see rainbow after the thunderstorm...where something good came as the result of the previous unfortunate event.

before i fell asleep on my window seat,
I manage to captured some amazing picture, they are very serene and soothing...and sends me to sleep right after i put back my camera to my purse ;)

here the cloud and mountain seems to be ocean wave and rocks by the shore...
I wonder, what was the white line on the back of the Mountain...
when the clouds slowly covering everything else made me really sleepyyy......

2010.01.05 Back to Blog!

Ciao tutti,
it had been a long time since my last entry,
I've been enjoying the holiday season too much, that i barely visit this bad!
two long weekends, each for the Christmas and New Year been spent with my hubby and dearest friends, here in Seattle, I'm so happy!

now that the holiday season is over and hubby is back to work,
I will have plenty of time to start writing again,
have tons of fun picture to share now ;))
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