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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009.12.18 View From the Top...Washington

These picture was taken during my flight from Seattle to Denver,
even that we purchased our ticket weeks ahead, earlier that morning we almost didn't get seat on the plane...apparently the Frontier (yes, i mention the aviation company here!) sold more seats than what they had.
at last minute, they offer $400 bucks and hotel voucher for people that would give up their seat and fly on the next day. some people did, and my seat got upgraded to their front seat that was bigger...hmmm...not bad!
that was one of the moment where one will see rainbow after the thunderstorm...where something good came as the result of the previous unfortunate event.

before i fell asleep on my window seat,
I manage to captured some amazing picture, they are very serene and soothing...and sends me to sleep right after i put back my camera to my purse ;)

here the cloud and mountain seems to be ocean wave and rocks by the shore...
I wonder, what was the white line on the back of the Mountain...
when the clouds slowly covering everything else made me really sleepyyy......

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