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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011.05.17 February 2011

2011.02.13 Valentine Celebration
in the morning we have Valentine celebration at our local church,
one of the event was food competition where people brought Valentine-related foods (with heart and so on), there was so much good food! oh yummm...
the winner was....meeeee!! haha...I made Japchae, Korean stir-fry starch noodle with beef and vegetables. doesn't really looks pretty but tasted so goooooodd!! ..................and I also asked people to vote for me...LOL!!
here's some picture from the morning :)
later that evening, hubby took me for a Valentine dinner at Metropolitan Grill, well known as the best steak in town.
and my favorite Beckham ate there too! (not at the same time hubby know that I gotta took picture with Beckham's pic...hahaha!
my Valentine :)

their escargot was the best!! I even like it better than the steak!!
hubby took this picture, it kinda looks creepy because his hand's reflection made it looks like there's mysterious hand on my shoulder...bbrrr...
2011.02.15 Our baby is 8 months already!! how fast!!
2011.02.18 More Foods!!

so hubby was browsing on Yelp and found this Red Lantern restaurant at china town, we got curious about the review and decide to try it out with my friends Joysha and Vanessa.
overall the foods were pretty blah...the crab rangoon is lack of crab.
The lamb was tasted quite good, but was really salty...while the duck was pretty horrible, it warm on the outside and was COLD in the middle!
the service also was horrible...the waiter & waitress is clueless about the foods. The food took forever to came I don't think that we would come back for more.
after the disappointing dinner, we decide to make our own dessert at my place :)
we made 2 tiramisu, one is the green tea tiramisu and the other one is the regular tiramisu that we forgot to took picture of T^T

2011.02.21 Swing...

we took bebe to Lincorn Park where he played the swing for the 1st was a little bit windy but we had fun :))
2011.02.27 Big boy car seat

Bebe was 8.5 months and already outgrows his rear facing infant car seat, now he's enjoying the big boy car seat ;D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011.02.15 Old & New

Finally, another beauty related post!!

This month, I finished 2 beauty products, and one of the was the Chanel Double Perfection Compact in Soft Beige 20. It was a compact foundation powder, I like the soft texture of the powder and the matte finished of it, also the compact itself was so sleek and posh.

The new replacement is also another compact foundation powder, it's Diorsnow White Reveal Make Up in 021. This particular product is Asia exclusive product that I got at Duty Free Shop during my trip. I like how the Diorsnow compact is more to the yellowish tone compare to the Chanel one, but I just wish that the compact itself were thinner like the Chanel one.

The other beauty product I finished this month was the famous Lancome Bi-Facil eye make up remover.
I read a lot of good reviews about this product. On the official Lancome website, this 4oz make up remover retail for $26.00, so when I saw one at Costco for $19.00 I just snapped it and try for myself. This cleanser really live up to the hype, it took off all eye make up easily, even the waterproof mascara.
I really love this product, so when Nordstorm had GWP event, I snapped 2 more bottles of Bi-Facil and got 4 free small, travel size Bi-Facil. sweet!
I'm on my second bottle now, and it seems like I will be using Bi-Facil for a long long time :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011.05.14 January 2011

I was in my home town, Denpasar Bali :)
I was so happy to be with my big family...

2011.01.01 Jazz by the Sea Festival, Tanjung Benoa

jagung bakar!!! (bbq corn)

2011.01.09 Baby E's 7 months, Bali Safari Park

with my brother, hubby, baby E and my mom

2011.01.10 Ubud Getaway: Bebek Bengil, Royal Pita Maha

on the way to Ubud
the famous crispy duck at Bebek Bengil
beautiful view from Royal Pita Maha Resort
the private pool inside the villa
swims on his own... :)
ribs dinner at Nuri's
2011.01.12 Bridal Make Up class with Linda, Jakarta

the model was my mom and my sister
my beautiful mom and sister
2011.01.14 1 more session of bridal class

the model was my gorgeous bff, Putri
Indonesian bridal make up is tend to be more to the glamorous type, they love to put layers of lashes...
ps. my bff and my baby shares the same birthday, how cool is that!! :))
2011.01.16 Going Back to Bali

hubby, baby E and my cousin's kids...too cute!!
2011.01.18 visiting my sweet grandma :)
baby E thinks that Bali is too hot!!
with my mom, my son and my grandma :)))
2011.01.19 Farewell...??
we were having farewell dinner because we were scheduled to go back to US on January 21st. but on that day I feel absolutely horrible, and then later on find out that I got upper respiratory track was awful...fever, muscle aches, nausea...everything in one!! (they have breakout in Bali) and had to postpone my flight to January 30th.

lunch at Leko...oh so good!!
I met up with my other bff, Titien...
she's so in love with bebe E and took him to her photo studio, TATI Photo and took lots of picture of him!
(this one was by my camera)
she edited the pictures herself, thank you so much babe!!
dinner with my mom's family
2011.01.23 Watching Live

having lunch at Flapjack
live soccer at brother is a big fan of soccer, so I tag along...haha
2011.01.26 Monkey Forest!!
and while in Ubud I gotta make a quick stop at my favorite place...
their famous Black Russian Pie was drenched in was sooooooooooooooo good!!! and the other desser, I think the name was Ice Jambul Putih (not sure) was super good too, it's like Indonesian es campur (mix ice) but they put es puter (coconut milk based ice cream) on it...ahhh...drooling all over my keyboard now!!
later on that night, we had family dinner at Arena cafe
baby E loves mango smoothies :)
2011.01.29 Last Dinner at Sushi Tei
2011.01.30 Time to go back to Seattle...

my mom and my sis can't stop crying on the airport 9they already start crying a week before our departure) and no...they never cried like this before when I leave hom, this time it's because baby E...haha

at the airport the flight attendance asked if she can hold bebe
touchdown in Seattle :)

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