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Saturday, November 5, 2011

2011.10.22, 28, 29, 31 Halloween

This year we celebrated Halloween quite a lot, it's fun that Bebe is big enough to have some fun :)

2011.10.22 Kid Halloween Bazaar
we were invited by our friend to their daughter's school Halloween event,
it was held by the school gym. They have so much fun games for kids and most of the game cost 25 cents to play and there's always cute gift for playing the game :)

2011.10.28 Church's Harvest Party
it's like costume party at Church, I decided to do the Black Swan make up and Bebe was wearing the cute pirate costume for the first time :D

Baby Pirate with Golden Mullet!

2011.10.29 Halloween Hot Pot
Another Halloween event at my friend's place. I was so upset because I can't find my pirate costume, we originally purchased the mini pirate costume for Bebe so that he and I can be pirate together. Long story short, I found the costume like a week after Halloween... T^T
both of the little pirate and little devil hate their hat!

2011.10.31 Bebe's First Trick or Treat
We were watching kids doing trick or treat at our friend's house at Mercer Island, and later took Bebe to the neighbor's houses to do his very first trick or treat. Some houses were very well decorated and the host were dressing up in eerily cool costumes. It was such a fun experience!
Bebe was wearing the same pirate costume with different make up. I didn't put costume because I can't find my, I put purple and blue lashes
our dear friends, Chasidy & Doug
the kids were so funny, when they saw Bebe they screamed "there's a baby with mustacheeeeeeeee!!!" and the girl keep gushing "GOSHHHHH...he is soooo cute!! GOSH...GOSH!!" lol

Bebe's first trick or treat
by the way...who wear it best? ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011.10.15 A Day full of Incidents...

This is Bebe when we left home, his cute face was flawless and got no scratch whatsoever
It was a great day, we hang out with out family friend, and Bebe had a lot of fun too
then...later on he fell on his face on top of the gravel :( he cried so loud and as always, his face turn really red. I can't see any scratch at his face at first (because his face was so red from crying) and after he stop crying, we find out that Bebe got scratches on his nose, forehead and above his lips >,<
but he still looks lovely tho :)
and after we got home, my active Bebe try to climb the rocking chair...he slipped and bumped to the wood arm rest!! His lower lips was bleeding and mommy was freaked out! the bleeding stop soon, and Bebe left with swollen lips...sigh...what a day!
This is the before & after picture...despite all the accident, Bebe is still happy and smiling

2011.10.14 Sweater

It's Fall season now and it's time to put on the cute sweater :)
Bebe is so sweet, he kisses me more and more lately, sometimes without being asked , too!! <3

2011.10.13 Same Pose!!

I found these pictures are so funny, Ethan and his buddy, Luki had very similar poses while playing together... the picture was taken during the family care group :)

2011.10.12 My precious

I enjoy hugging Bebe while he's having his milk before bedtime :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011.10.11 Face Palm

I was uploading Bebe's old pictures all day long, mostly the 0-3 months old pictures, I got so many of makes me miss the little him <3 He was 3,5 months in this picture
I'm going to have my driving test on Thursday, so today my friend come over and take me to drive around the DMV office to practice more. Too bad it turn dark so fast that I couldn't practice longer, also it was raining. It made me nervous. 

Bebe is 16 months now, and he like to imitates whatever I do.
 After I cut his finger nails, he took the nail clipper and try to copy whatever I did earlier
I'll close this post by a hilarious picture of Bebe, he was sleeping with his palm under his cheek earlier,
so he got this hand mark on his cheek as if he got slapped (by his own little hand) really hard! XD

Monday, October 10, 2011

2011.10.10 Columbus Day

Today's is Columbus day and hubby got a day off. It's so great to spend quality time with my family today at home. I was crashed after cooking for so long last night and also it's my time of the month, so I feel exhausted. My braised pork belly that I cooked using slow cooker last night turn out to be so good,
you can find the recipe here
Watching Bebe growing up is truly amazing,
now my 15 months starting to play remote control car!!
He loves affection, hugs & kisses
Bebe is very ticklish, he's so funny...
sometimes I wish that he would stay small & cute for a little bit longer

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