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Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011.10.15 A Day full of Incidents...

This is Bebe when we left home, his cute face was flawless and got no scratch whatsoever
It was a great day, we hang out with out family friend, and Bebe had a lot of fun too
then...later on he fell on his face on top of the gravel :( he cried so loud and as always, his face turn really red. I can't see any scratch at his face at first (because his face was so red from crying) and after he stop crying, we find out that Bebe got scratches on his nose, forehead and above his lips >,<
but he still looks lovely tho :)
and after we got home, my active Bebe try to climb the rocking chair...he slipped and bumped to the wood arm rest!! His lower lips was bleeding and mommy was freaked out! the bleeding stop soon, and Bebe left with swollen lips...sigh...what a day!
This is the before & after picture...despite all the accident, Bebe is still happy and smiling

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