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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011.10.04 September 2011

It surprised me that when I look at September picture, we really didn't have a lot of thing going on...I still wondering now, what did we do during Semtember... o_O'

2011.09.01 Being a Good Host

Ethan entertaining daddy's aunt while daddy is at work

2011.09.02 3 Teeth & counting...

2011.09.03 Is He Teething...?

Bebe really likes to use my phone and call random people...
it's so funny how he mumbling to the phone
like father like son
later that afternoon, Bebe got went up to 101.3F...then later that night it became 103F :(
all he wanted to do was sleeping...we were wondering if Bebe was teething...

2011.09.04 Fever

in the morning, Bebe's fever went down to 98F, we were so happy and relieved,
and Bebe became more active too

napping after playing with daddy...and later that night, his fever was back :(


another set of my favorite falsie, the review is coming soon too :)
Bebe's fever went down again so we took him out for lunch at Panera Bread's weird, the fever always went down during the day,
and perk up again at night...
and later on that night, we had dinner with hubby's aunt & family at Genki sushi :)
and took them to see Seattle nightview at Alki Beach. 
the weather is getting really chill already, Summer is almost over

2011.09.07 Bebe Went to the Doctor

so after Bebe's fever gone, he developed rashes all over his body, 
we decided to took him to see his doctor immediately.
he keep wanting to play with the computer while waiting for the doctor...
the doctor said that Bebe got viral infection, which is very common for kids his age,
Bebe didn't have to take any medication because his fever was gone. 
btw, Bebe's car got a huge GPS... XD

2011.09.08 Before Bedtime

2011.09.09 Bebe's 15 Months Check Up

I don't know if this is coincidence, but seems like Bebe always got sick before his check up,
so he always weighted low. But soon after that, he will start eating a lot and get heavier o_O"
he was 24.5lbs & 31.5 inches
Bebe is healthy, everybody is happy :D
that day, bebe got 3 shots. He didn't cry much, just whining ;p
after the shot, we took him to Safeway nearby to get some gelato :)
later on that night, we took hubby's aunt & family for Korean BBQ dinner
33324 Pacific Hwy S
(between 333rd St & 336th St)
Federal WayWA 98003
(253) 874-8888
Bebe's dinner...the Korean egg stew was on the house a.k.a free of charge. 
The waitress was smitten by Bebe and give him free dinner :)
look what we found at H mart...giant green onions!!
their last night in Seattle 

2011.09.10 Bye bye for Now

I was so excited to show this picture to my sister and brother,
I remember we used to drink a lot of caprisun when we were little,
and now Bebe drink the same think too XD
we took hubby's aunt & family for Taiwanese breakfast before they left to the airport
Now that Christmas is near...Costco start selling a lot of toys, 
and also Christmas decorations
I love to see them play together :)
not long after that, we got call from hubby's aunt's daughter, Aiko...she missed her flight! lol...
so we went to the airport and picked her up, then took her for dinner & gelato :)
look what we found next to the gelato store
bye bye Aiko...until we meet again!

2011.09.11 Sharing Earphone

can you guess what's he's eating...
it's the flamin' hot cheetos!! the sneaky boy grabbed it so fast...


this is a happy face of a baby that just woke up from a good 13 hours of's his longest sleep ever!
I love it when he got a lot of sleep, he will be a happy baby 
he also finished his lunch fast (in 12 minutes) without being fuzzy
Ps. Bebe managed to chomping some apple with only 3 teeth

2011.09.12 Picky Eater?

I went to my doctor for regular check up and I saw this funny comic strip on their bulletin board

2011.09.15 After 20 oz of Milk...

btw, Bebe's 4th teeth is start coming out!!
oopsie...Ethan killed the penguin...!!
this is how he sleeps at night...
2011.09.17 Decoration

I was so excited when my pastor's wife asked me to helped her to decorate the church for a surprise wedding celebration for our friend :)
We picked up balloons at the party store, some decoration, also flowers. 
It was my very first time arranging a bouquet, and I enjoyed it so much <3
my tall hubby is helping me hanging the decoration :)
I think the bouquet would be nicer if we had one more dozen of roses

2011.09.18 Som & Jim Surprise Celebration at Church

with hubby & Bebe at Church's kids room
the cute bride, Som.
we surprised her with the bouquet and veil... <3
Big happy family of Hope Seattle Church <3
after the church service, we went to one of our church friend to help them move.
They rented the biggest U-haul's so big I can running around inside it...haha

2011.09.20 Expert

2011.09.21 Afternoon Stroll

2011.09.22 Kitchen Vamp

After I lost my precious recipe book, I decided to record my recipe on a blog. 
Also, it's easier to share the recipe with my friends :)
visit me at KitchenVamp

2011.09.23 I Love Everything About You

I love you when you are teething...
I love to see you dancing around while you watch your Barney movie
I love your wide imagination, it's so cute when you pretend to talk on the phone while holding the iphone case...I love everything about you, precious... :)

2011.09.24 Driving a New Truck

2011.09.25 Happy Sunday

that day, my chef friend taught me how to make Thai sausage,
go to my cooking blog to find the recipe :) 

2011.09.27 Bebe love Orange!

...even though the orange was sour... XD

2011.09.30 Goodbye September!

look at this baby, he can tiptoe like a ballerina!! haha
his cheek looking like crayon sinchan...
Bebe laughed so bad when I bit his toes...XD
now he got 3 upper teeth, the last one just came out a little bit :)
this is him giggling after he tried to fed his belly button with his milk
Seattle is a colder city, and we are ready for Winter clothes shopping now :)

good night Ethan...
I love his monster pajama, the monsters happy faces are too cute XD

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