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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011.10.05 Happy Birthday Honey

Today it's hubby's 33rd birthday, and I made him this birthday card using my iphone app <3

I thank God for a wonderful hubby, he's truly incredible and I'm incredibly in love with him.
He made me feel safe & loved, and I know that I can always trust him,
also, he's a great daddy too!!

By the way, lately we notice that Bebe is getting a lot heavier...look at this thunder thigh!! XD
Bebe love Japanese rice cracker, just like his daddy. 
We didn't plan any special thing for hubby's birthday, 
we probably going to have his birthday dinner on weekend.
But for today, all he wanted for his birthday was Pho dinner...Pho is his favorite food :)
so we tried this new Pho place near our area
9828 15th Ave SW
(between 100th St & 98th St)
SeattleWA 98106
Neighborhood: White Center
(206) 762-4699
the pho was not bad, I order the small pho, and it was...small! 
I mean it's smaller than other place's small portion.
but the cool thing is that I can add pork feet into my pho, so it's a plus!
the teething Bebe also enjoyed the pork feet there :)

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