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Monday, October 10, 2011

2011.10.10 Body Shop Tea Tree Line

Product Name: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner & Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash

What it Claim: The Body Shop Tea Tree lines claim to keep the skin clear by helping prevent blemish and blackhead and controlling excess oil. 

I love how this exfoliating wash is different from any other face scrub I used before. It's creamy with little chunk of crushed apricot stones that allows me to move the crushed apricot around and concentrate on some parts of my face that need exfoliation the most. 
After washing my face with this cleanser, my face feels soft & smooth. It doesn't make my skin feel dry and tight, so it's a plus!

The first couple times I used this toner, it stung my skin and it felt hot and my skin turn red. I keep using them for several day after that to see if I can really use it or to return it to the store. 
After a few days, the toner didn't stung my skin anymore. I occasionally still feel the warm (not hot) sensation when using this toner, especially after I use microdermabrasion type of scrub on my skin. 
I have a very oily skin, but sometimes this toner can make my skin feel dry.

Overall Review: While I'm still have problem with blackheads and, I noticed that after using these products for a month, it is a lot easier to clean my blackhead when I use the pore pack. The pore pack now picked a lot more blackhead than before, even if I don't use my special combo product before using the pore pack. 
Now I can just put the pore pack directly after I washed my face and it will do a great job picking my blackhead.
Also, I notice that this month when I'm having my period, I don't have as much hormonal break out as I did last month. I only have 2 small acne this month and I'm quite happy about that. 

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