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Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011.10.06 First Family Care Group

After I became a mother, sometime I surprise myself that I can do a lot of thing at once...
cooking, feeding baby, try to schedule an appointment on the phone, all at once! 
Bebe doesn't like the sound of vacuum cleaner, it scares him :(
so he sit on the stairway while peeking at daddy vacuuming the kitchen floor
Lately, Bebe had been starting to putting his toys back to where it belong after he finished play with them.
I keep praising him "what a good boy you are", "thank you for cleaning your toys".
Praising him made him feel happy and encourage him to do good things :)
Today is a special day for us, our church starting this special "family care group" at our place,
basically it's for all the family, with or without children. 
It's amazing how parent can concentrate listening to the bible and pay full attention to the kids at the same time, talk about multitasking here!
Can you see that Bebe really loves to hug??
By the way, the upper right picture was so hilarious, Bebe was peeking one of the girl using the bathroom, and he was pointing and giggling while peeking at her...what a naughty boy!
it was a great night :)

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