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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009.06.30 I want My Iphone!

yesyesyes, it's obvious this is not how the new Iphone looks like ;p
so I was chatting with hubby this morning and asked him what did he had for dinner,
he've been on diet and eating salad most of the time,
then he send me this pic ;D
i think it's really cool to have Iphone that can took picture and send it to e-mail right away.
he already got me one Iphone as my belated birthday present, can't wait to play with it ;)

ps. the maggi seasoning on the background is my all time favorite!!!! ;D

2009.06.30 Monkeys Work in Restaurant

hubby show me this, it's really cute!!
it's about 2 monkeys,
Yat-chan & Fuku-chan that employed as waiter at Sake Tavern in Utsunomiya, Japan
and following the animal right regulation,
the 2 monkeys only allowed to work for 2 hours a day ;)
ps. I'm thinking of posting interesting video sometimes,
share with you the stuff that brighten up my day ;)
so this is my Video of The Day (VOTD)

2009.06.30 The Most Unusual Restaurant in the World

Ciao tutti,

Not that i've been there,
but absolutely would want to try it!!
I just found this link and think to share it with you all,
The Most Unusual Restaurant in the World, enjoy!! ;D

2009.06.30 Not the Ordinary Salads that You Know

Ciao tutti,
you will not see any single lettuce, tomato, with some Italian dressing in this post,
but this two salad that i will introduce to you is way beyond that,
Balinese traditional type and Indonesian traditional type of salads

Rujak Cingur,
Indonesian salad with Cow's snout
yes, it's not about the name, it's literally contain the chewy cooked cow's snout,
i LOVE the cow's snout and usually asked for some extra...haha
in this picture, the ingredient of my salads were: tofu, tempe (soya cake), bengkuang, bean sprout, and green vegetables only.
usually they will put some unripe mango, sweet apple, pineapple, but i don't like it ;p
the sauce were made out of Javanese sugar (its like brown sugar, but more fragrant), tamarind, and some more other spice.
Rujak Bulung Putih with Kuah Pindang
the Balinese white seaweed salad.
it looks like noodle, very soft and nice, sprinkled with fried soy bean on top,
then poured with mackerel broth

2009.06.30 An Indonesian Wedding

omg...I can't believe it's already the 30th of June!!!
I only have 1 more months to prepare the wedding,
seriously, it's so little time, so much to do!!! o_O"
especially if the "official" guest is going to be around 600 people,
what i mean by the official here is those people that really got the invitation

but you know, in Asia, some guest really have a thick face to bring their whole family.
and even maybe neighbor to a wedding party...for the sake of the freebies...LOL
sounds funny?? but it's trueeeee!!
i know this person that was invited to a nice wedding party, and guess what,
that person brought along the children and the grandchildrens, plus their nanny...oh my my...
welcome to Indonesia! this is the (unwritten) culture ;D

Monday, June 29, 2009

2009.06.29 Lunch@Kolega

After the dress fitting we went for lunch at Kolega that selling Javanese foods,
at first i wanted to go to Trattoria, an Italian restaurant,
but mom was craving for this place, and i never been here too,
so i was eager to try too ;D

I went there with Mom and my Grandma ;)
here's what i got,
perkedel (potato fritter), chicken with lots of spice (not spicy though), chicken's liver, the-so-called-century-egg (not the chinese one) and some noodle
on top of that, also having a Rawon (mutton soup)
OMG!! the rawon was super delicious!!!! no kidding, it's not sweet like how some restaurant cooked it, but this is the real deal!! remember to ask extra bean sprout for this, sooooooo delish!!
anddddddd...i also have dessert...haha!!
forgive me father for i keep on gaining weight!!! ---> dad...this is what i ate today...HAHA!!
ok, this is Es Teler. the direct translation is "Drunken Ice" lol...really doesn't make sense!
anyway, it's the mixed of young coconut, avocado, jackfruit, topped with shave ice and milk (and syrup too i guess) so good!!!
if you plan to go to Indonesia, please try this, one of my favorite ;)

2009.06.29 Dress Fitting

Mom ask me to accompany her to the dress fitting, and as course i want to try on some dresses too!! haha...I'm so predictable no? ;p
We were trying on those super bling bling dresses, it might look MOCE (Balinese world for 'cheesy') on the picture,
but the dresses were super fabulous on real life, much better than the picture
because of her veryyyyyyy discipline diet, now my mom is slimmer than me, oh, i'm so jealous!!
i have too much temptation here, too much good food!! aahahahhaha....talking about poor self control here ;p
Mom looks so pretty on that dress, she rarely dressed up, and i think she should dress up more, since now she's so slim, the dresses looks really nice on her ;)

this mermaid line dress should make me feels like a beautiful sparkling mermaid...
but thank you for my huge appetite, this make me feels like a shinny walrus instead! LOL

i will keep the other picture, so it will be surprise later,
I promise to upload it after the wedding day,
do not want to spoil it all ;)

2009.06.28 The Old Jimbaran Dinner

Ciao tutti!!
let me introduce you to one of the very famous seafood in town,
it's Jimbaran. it's the name of the area,
but if you ask any taxi driver or anyone, they all would know the exact place,
it's that famous! ;)
they grilled the seafood and add 'Jimbaran style sauce' on it

this place is the old Jimbaran, the first one that open in Bali,
they also have the new one, closer to the Four Seasons hotel,
i like the new one better,
and haven't been to the old one for ages,
but this time, my BFF Vina took me to the old Jimbaran
it was the Ramayana Cafe,

if one day you going to eat here...take my advice,
always seat around the beach, not inside the restaurant,
and seat facing the sea...otherwise, it's super smoky that you'll going to have teary eyes! ;p

Vina's friend and I seat facing the sea

Poor Vinaaaaa...she got teary eyes by the end of the

Fresh Young Coconut, i LOVE!! ;D

complimentary salad, spicy kangkung, sauce and chili

the rice came in this 'au naturell' bowl, make it more fragrant

the foods, Bon Apetite!! ;)

2009.06.28 (used to be) Dreamland used to represent its name...
but this time i visit this place, it became too commercialized already,
they build a lot of concrete stuff, made this beach became claustrophobic,
no, i don't like it no more =( i want a more "virgin" type of beach, more natural

*but off course i have to put my biggest smile for the sake of the photo!! XD~*

I wonder why people were wearing so much clothes to go to the was freakin' HOT...
with my BFF, Vina ;D
i have to hold the hat all the time, since it was too big for me!! it daddy's hat, the size is XL!! haha
beautiful sunset...

2009.06.28 Warung Italia

After the make up trial, we went to Warung Italia for lunch, i never been here, but mom said it was really good
so this is how they arrage their food, you just need to choose what you want, and they will heat it for you, or you can also order from the menu
this is what i got: chicken, sardines, lasagna, chicken liver (good for people with low blood pressure) and octopus. the octopus was really good!! I'm craving for more!!
Vina's meal, lasagna and squid with bread loaves
more food!!

2009.06.28 Make Up Trial

this is about yesterday's activity, finally have a little time to blog!! ;D

this is about my Make Up Trial with Linda Damayanti, a make up artist from Jakarta,
she works with some of Indonesian celebrity too,
since this was only the trial, she did not apply the upgraded product on me
it's make up trial is for preview only,
not for any photoshoot or else
so, here it is ;)

with Linda and my Mom

My very best friend, Vina,
she's super smart, already graduated with Master Degree in Architecture ;)

then we went back to I Do I Do to try out head piece and the dress

i really really like this one,
it's the perfect match for my dress

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009.06.27 Laota

After a long day of going here there and everywhere with mo to prepare the wedding stuff,
we had lunch at Laota, a Chinese food restaurant that serve a lot of interesting congee,
here's what we got...

Fish Congee,
this is a half size, i shared it with mom ;)
can you see the preserved egg at the background?? ;p

Kangkung with Shrimp Paste Sauce

Chinese Doughnut, looks so tiny compare to the one from US haha

Our family always order this one, Eel cooked with Shanghai Sauce,
topped with minced garlic and bean sprout
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