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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009.06.03 Reply to My Dear Reader

i don't understand why i can't write on my own cbox...
while i saw another new msg today,
it seems like I'm the only person that can't write there??? LOL
that's too hilarious!!
after all, it should be MY cbox!! haha

first of all, thank you for all your support and kindness to me ;)
so, let me reply you here,

Esther: absolutely!! you will see more and more food picture / review in my blog, after all, it's one of my biggest passion beside beauty stuff. i love food. yess!!
CCna is a computer networking stuff that i also not really understand...haha

Erica: i lost my tripod when i moved to the new place, gotta get a new one, so i can make better video, thank you for your support dear,
meanwhile, i will post my haul here

Booboobidoop: i'm glad you enjoy my humble blog!! and you praise me so much...haha XD~
and yes, i live in US, and i love fresh milk...haha


some news, some news!!!

i'll be leaving Seattle to spend summer in my hometown / island, Bali, Indonesia
have you guys heard about that tiny little island??
it very very small, but so beautiful,
i can't wait to meet my family and friends there, also my 5 puppies,

the internet connection over there is horrible, and I'm not kidding!
hopefully i can keep upload my blog there, since i'll stay for around 2,5 months

Bali is so wonderful, i will introduce you to our culture and food,
so stay tune!!


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