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Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009.06.18 Cafe Warisan

Warisan, my favorite French cuisine restaurant in Bali,
i like it because the food are delicate, but also come in small portion,
you i got to enjoy my food without feeling guilty of eating too much ;D

most of the customer are foreigner, not the local people

so i had a date with one of my best friend, Savitri,
havent's seen her in ages!!!

I ordered this for my entree, also a Hot Foie Gras
The table was reserved under my name, my dad was so sweet to called it for me,
one's really need to make reservation to eat here, it's always jam packed!

Ruccola Salad friend ate this with hot sauce!! LOL...i never seen anyone eating salad with a hot sauce! actually...she put hot sauce on everything!! even when she tried my foie gras XD~
Duck Leg Confit
Hot Foie Gras with Cranberry Sauce
My Friends keep asking..."why you always take picture with food?????"
and Savitri said "you hae a BIG appetite, huh?? do you always eat this much in US??" LOL
yesss, i do i do i do!!
Bread on top of Banana Leaf,
we use a lot of Banana Leaf on daily life
This girl bring 4 mobiles everywhere!!!
Nice Cold Towel after finishing the Entrees
The Dessert Galore!!!

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