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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009.06.16 Home Sweet Homeee

first of all...
i wanna thank you all of you, my readers,
when i post my last blog at Taipei's International Airport, i only have 9 readers (or so called followers...LOL...i feel like a mob boss ;p)
and now i have 14 readers, thank you guys for supporting me ;D

so, here's the update,
my mom picked me up at the airport,
the flight was ok, with a little bit turbulence now and then,
the know...hahahah...not the best one ;p

i sit next to a couple...blah...I'm jealous!! uhahuauhaua,
i want my hubby too!!
and the old lady that sat behind me keep kicking (and said sorry too!!)
so i can't really get cranky, because she already said

and thennnn...i'll give you another details,
the custom...(dunno how should i call it??? the place that you show passport to get stamped when you arrive) it was super slow...
the funny thing was...the line for local people move slower than the line for the foreigner...duh??
so i moved to the foreigner line XD~
and still became the last person to

then i went for my luggage,
i got 2 luggage, one of them was masked with green chalk,
they must detect the tons of pills inside, my mom made me bought her some vitamins,
vitamin c, q-ten, vitamin e...blablabla...
they marked it at 3 different places...tricky huh
but of course i'm tricky enough to know that too ;p
so i erase those marks with the wet tissue i have in my purse (mom always told me to have some ready)
so i don't have those nosy airport people to open and check my stuff ;)

then when i passed the officer,
he was looking at my papers, which said nothing to declare,
but he seems like...going to investigate or something,
so i just smile and ask "what's up" with a super big grin on my face like this ---> ;D
then he just let me passed, talking about the power of smile!!

at home...

i was welcomed by my 5 puppies,
the twin black labs are so huge now!! they were jumping on me and pushing me with their chubby paws, looks huge, but so innocent,
and also the other 3 little breed puppies, much love!!

my youngest puppy, Mocha, he is a big guy now,
we adopted him last year, he was only 6 weeks old, and always sleep with me that time,

mocha now is almost bigger than pretty (the blonde one)

i really don't understand why this little momo (momo = Mocha) have such a long neck...
he looks like hairy eel...LOL, look at this picture!!

off course i bring some treats for them too,
i opened the filet mignon fancy~~
give each to everyone of them

ah ya, i have to tell you all about my twin labs,
they have private teacher that come twice a week to teach them tricks,
my dad especially requested to the teacher to teach the twins in english!! hahaha

now they are really smart,
i told them to sit, then shake hand...then i gave them the dog treat,
they were so tricky!!
after i gave them treat, they offer their paws to me again, in hope to get another cuteeee!!!

i haven't unpack my stuff, therefore, haven't take picture of them ;)
i promise i'll do it soon!!

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