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Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009.06.18 A Day Out with Daddy

first of all,
before i start blogging about my adventure today,
i want to tell you all dad just watch my video on youtube! LOL
he watched me blablabla'ing about make up, and has no clue about it...hahahaha,
so i change it and show him Josh Groban's Cinema Paradiso,
one of my favorite song, and he loves it!! ;D

ok, now i will blog about my day...

today is a daddy & me time

we start our day in the morning to go to the telephone company,
i need to activate my mobile here,
they told me that i owe something, and have to pay before i can use my phone,
dad think that it does not make sense,
because he paid all my bills already...
so i went there to pay the bill...and later on, they call me that...ehm...
they found out that actually i did not owe anything, and ask if i want my money back...haha
so i said, just keep it for the next months's bill!!

after that we went to visit my grandma from my dad's side,
it was pretty cool, because i got to meet my aunt, Grace, that i haven't meet for ages,
she's my dad dad is the child number 3, and Grace is the youngest child...a.k.a, the number 10!!!
Grace's age is closer to mine than to my dad ;p

so Grace told me about her work place at Maldives...what a nice place!!
the place she works called "One & Only, Maldives at Reethi Rah" i got the brochure from her,
she said that the owner have a lot of celebrities friend,
the last celebrity to visit that resort was Mariah Carrey,
and Dolce & Gabbana with went there twice,
and they always bring along their model, Naomi Campbell

after chatting with grandma and Grace,
we went for lunch at a restaurant called "Anda Jatim"
Jatim here refers to Jawa Timur (East Java)
so this place serve the East Java's type of food
i love this place too, the food are good, and really cheap!!

this is what we got for lunch,

Soto Ceker a.k.a Soto with chicken feet

after eating the super size chicken at US, the chicken here looks so tiny...haha

Nasi Kuning, Yellow Rice with assorted dish

Ikan Sukacita, direct translation is: Joyful Fish,
but actually it was a deep fried yellow tail with tomatoes and shallot as garnish

Iga Penyet ---> short ribs dish on the clay plate

Kerupuk Kampung, My favorite cheapie crackers!!

Introducing, My daddy!! ;D

lol...he wasn't ready for the picture XD~~

After the lunch, we went to Hair Salon together,
Dad got a haircut, and I had a awesome hair treatment, and i Also had a little bit hair cut,
we met Dad's old friend there, she was so funny,
and they told me the story of their younger's just like us, go to the club,
had some friends drunk, and have to carried them home...LOL

Then we went for a gelato at Massimo, Sanur
the taste was good, but it was melting like crazy!!
the size was...lot smaller than US kid's size ice cream, no kidding!!

Our last stop was the Melawai Optic,
dad need to grab some wipes for his glasses, and i need to fix my glasses,
but also tried on some new frame,
i really like this particular Gucci frame, it simple, but has the classic logo on the side

my dad also really likes this frame,
so i ended up buying this and it should be ready in one week ;)

That's the end of my fun day with daddy ;D

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