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Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009.06.19 Preparing for a Dream Wedding

Dear my readers,
i want to share my joyful news with all of you...
I'm planning to have a Wedding celebration on 08-08-2009,
it's in one and half months,
never know that there are so much to do!!
first thing first is to find the Event Organizer, then start printing the invitation,
wish me luck!! i need a lot of it ;D

this is the chapel we'll going to use for the Blessing ceremony,
Bali Tirtha Uluwatu,
I've been falling in Love with this place since the 1st time i saw it


  1. this is the most beauuuutiful place that i have EVER seen. o h my gosh congratulations ! you have so little time!! hehe but im sure you will get things accomplished wow.

    take care hope everything works out!

  2. 889?
    lucky day....
    n wishing for a happy marriage 4 u too...^^


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