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Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009.06.26 More Food

i got this Pastel from my Bible study group,
it was so good that i ate 2 of them!! XD~
people here like to eat it with the small chili, super spicy!!
After that we went for Lunch at Warung Krishna,
another restaurant that serve typical Balinese Rice
we can pick whatever we want, so everyone might have different stuff on their plate
this is mine, congee with various vegetables and chicken
mom's always typical, with tons of chili!! super spicy
My bro choose rice instead of the congee
the pumpkin soup
with my brother
the food was spicy, and worked as natural lip plumper, i LOVE it!! XD~


  1. this is such a cool post. im not familiar with any of these food but they look so delicious. I dont know if i can take a lot of heat from the chilis though lol. btw you look prett here :)

  2. i'm glad that you enjoy my blog,
    one day you should visit Bali and try it ;)


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