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Monday, June 22, 2009

2009.06.22 Storage Idea for Accesories

I LOVE earrings!!
it's my favorite type of accessories,
but...I also have a bad habit,
that sometimes I'm too lazy to store it back to the earrings stand,
usually the earrings stand made out of metal, i got mine from Claire's, less than 10 usd

so...i end up having piles and piles of earrings on my table,
until i found this...

this made my life much easier!! organizing my earings,
i don't have to hook it on the earring stand anymore, just slip it to the small pocket,
and it's really easy to take this while I'm traveling too

I also got one for my necklace, both of this organizer are two sided,
so we can store more stuff on it ;D
I got them at a container store at U Village, Seattle
but I'm sure that this organizer are easy to find ;D

when my bestfriend saw this, she really loves it and ask my hubby to hep her get one ;)

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