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Monday, June 1, 2009

2009.06.01 Two Pretty Boxes

Today, i found these 2 little boxes in front of my front door,
they are my haul from...

my second time shopping from this online store,
great selection, and fast shipment!!
i put my order on 2009-05-28 and got it today, 2009-06-01
4 days, really fast!!

Kose Cosmeport Sheet Mask,
i like it that we only need to put it on the face for 10 minutes,
not too time consuming,
this boxes will go with me to Bali this summer...yayyyy

Pink: KOSE Clear Turn Hyaluronic Acid White Face Mask

Orange: KOSE Clear Turn White Q10 Face Mask

Blue: KOSE Clear Turn White Collagen Face Mask

Purple: KOSE Clear Turn Whitening Platinum Facial Mask

D-UP False Eyelashes Glue Fixer EX 552 (Clear Type),
i've been wanted a falsie glue that come with a wand, less messy!!
and this product claim to be waterproof...i'll tested later in Bali while doing all the water sport ;)

Hakugen Hokkairo Self-heating Hand Cream ,
i know it's summer already, but my palm and feet are always super cold...
so i wanna try if this work ;)

2. Madame Madeline
my first haul and really impressed!!!
i put my order on 2009-05-29 and it arrives today at 2009.06.01
only 3 days shipping!! woohoo...

all falsie that i ordered are in black

My all time favorite,

Andrea Modlash #21 for everyday natural looking one

Ardell Fashion Lashes #120 Demi big, bold and beautiful!!

they throw 2 extra pairs of this lashes for free ;)

i was wearing this bid demi lash on valentine this year,

Ardell Duralash Flare in Medium & Short
i love how natural they looks when i use it,
but definitely more time consuming than the strip lashes

Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator,
never tried this before...but hopefully can turn my lash into Arabic lashes, long, voluminous and absolutely gorgeous!!!

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