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Saturday, June 20, 2009

2009.06.20 Late Night Snack

Pisang Goreng = Banana Fritter
"Kremesh" = "crunchy"

this place not only sells the Banana Fritter, but also Tape (fermented cassava) and Jack fruit Fritter
the banana are special type of banana from Flores, another island of Indonesia,
they dip the freshly sliced fruit into the dough, then deep fried it,
it's really crunchy and very tasty,
my favorite is the Tape,'s so good that i keep eating it!! lol
I'm eating the Tape Fritter while blogging right now!! ;D
too bad i don't have vanilla ice cream with me right now,
vanilla ice cream is just the perfect match for these goodies!!

Chicken Satay, i forget the name...LOL
and this guy looks so shy when i took his picture hahaha
I ordered it for to go since they almost close, it was late already
Last but not Least,
my cute Momo ;)
i still don't understand why shih-tzu can be so long like this...
could it be because he likes to jump???
that's it for today ;D
good nite ~~~

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