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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009.06.30 I want My Iphone!

yesyesyes, it's obvious this is not how the new Iphone looks like ;p
so I was chatting with hubby this morning and asked him what did he had for dinner,
he've been on diet and eating salad most of the time,
then he send me this pic ;D
i think it's really cool to have Iphone that can took picture and send it to e-mail right away.
he already got me one Iphone as my belated birthday present, can't wait to play with it ;)

ps. the maggi seasoning on the background is my all time favorite!!!! ;D


  1. that maggie seasoning makes anything taste good lol :) my aunt just got the new iphone that just came out and the old one are being sold for 100 bucks.

  2. that's so true!! i love to put maggi in almost everything...hahahah ;D


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