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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009.06.30 An Indonesian Wedding

omg...I can't believe it's already the 30th of June!!!
I only have 1 more months to prepare the wedding,
seriously, it's so little time, so much to do!!! o_O"
especially if the "official" guest is going to be around 600 people,
what i mean by the official here is those people that really got the invitation

but you know, in Asia, some guest really have a thick face to bring their whole family.
and even maybe neighbor to a wedding party...for the sake of the freebies...LOL
sounds funny?? but it's trueeeee!!
i know this person that was invited to a nice wedding party, and guess what,
that person brought along the children and the grandchildrens, plus their nanny...oh my my...
welcome to Indonesia! this is the (unwritten) culture ;D

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