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Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009.06.26 A Day with Irene

I met her long long long time ago, she was my cousin's best friend,
then we start to msg'ing each other via facebook, becase we both...ehm...LOVE to talk about beauty stuff XD~
finally i got to meet her again,
we went to Wisata Spa to have Thai massage,
i never tried Thai massage before, apparently, we have to wear silky pajama,
and the masseurs will massage us without any massage oil,
it's a deep tissue massage,
and it was pretty good ;D

here we were posing before the massage,
the cheesy curtain made it looks like a prostitution place!!
c'mon sirrrrrr...pls come visit us hereeeee....blah! LOL

After that we went to Rudy salon to have her hair fixed,
she cut her hair last week and it was horrible and she hates it,
i think bad hair cut can really affected our mood, no??
After she got her hair fixed, she was much happier!! and I'm happy too ;)

the traffic was horrible, and we were super hungry...haha...yet trapped in bad traffic
I decided to took her to Cafe Bali,
a new restaurant located at seminyak area,
i love the vintage design of the restaurant, it resemble the old dutch style

the Balinese flower on the table,
the table cloth is really vintage

the lamp was gorgeous, i want it!!
(this picture does no justice for the real one ;p)
their other lamps were also beautiful, but i did not get chance to took more pics,
i will be back to this place and took more picture, i PROMISE!! ;D

Beautiful Irene

and Me ;D

My mango juice, it was super watery and i can't tasted any mango...
so i sent to back and ask for a new one, then the new one was good!

Mahi Mahi Fish

Veal with Cream Mushroom

Smoked Salmon with...i forget! haha...but it was good!!

Fried Spring Roll

the bill came inside a silver box like this

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