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Monday, June 1, 2009

China Glaze Haul

tadada...finally upload this picture ;p
i got these stuff from 8ty8beauty online store for $2.68 each!!
for the price, i rather get this better quality China Glaze nail polish than random cheapie one,
and they have so many colors ;D
the online store also sells various other brand like O.P.I, essie, etc,
definitely check 'em out ;)
i also got one nail decoration from the store

if you want to see a AWESOME swatch before you purchase,
please visit this blog ---> All Laquered Up
she has a massive nail polish collection, almost from every brand and every collection!!

here's the colors that i got from this haul, from left to right,
B-girls, Second-Hand Silk, Branding Iron, Side-Saddle, X, IX, Mom's Chiffon, Sneaker Head, It's Poppin, Bahamian Escape, Sky High Top, Golden Meringue, For Audrey

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