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Monday, June 29, 2009

2009.06.28 The Old Jimbaran Dinner

Ciao tutti!!
let me introduce you to one of the very famous seafood in town,
it's Jimbaran. it's the name of the area,
but if you ask any taxi driver or anyone, they all would know the exact place,
it's that famous! ;)
they grilled the seafood and add 'Jimbaran style sauce' on it

this place is the old Jimbaran, the first one that open in Bali,
they also have the new one, closer to the Four Seasons hotel,
i like the new one better,
and haven't been to the old one for ages,
but this time, my BFF Vina took me to the old Jimbaran
it was the Ramayana Cafe,

if one day you going to eat here...take my advice,
always seat around the beach, not inside the restaurant,
and seat facing the sea...otherwise, it's super smoky that you'll going to have teary eyes! ;p

Vina's friend and I seat facing the sea

Poor Vinaaaaa...she got teary eyes by the end of the

Fresh Young Coconut, i LOVE!! ;D

complimentary salad, spicy kangkung, sauce and chili

the rice came in this 'au naturell' bowl, make it more fragrant

the foods, Bon Apetite!! ;)

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