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Friday, June 19, 2009

2009.06.19 Lunch and More

Today's lunch, Javanese Rice with red spice fish, beef jerky, Perkedel (crochet) and Mi Goreng ( friend noodle)
this was my 1st time to try it, it was really good!!

Mom & I also went to the foot massage place today, it was pretty good.
here, they call it "refleksology" a type of foot massage where they press certain point on your feet to fix your body or something like that, it's hurt!!
they said, when it's hurt, it means that particular part of your body have some problem.
Mom & I both took the foot + back, arm massage
it was $5 for 2 hours, really cheap, no? ;)

after the massage i feel so relax, and went to take a nap...
it was a gooooooddddd sleeeeppp ;D

then my mom woke me up before 7pm because i have to go to eye doctor,
my eyes have been itchy for 2 days,
luckily it was ok, nothing really serious, the doctor prescribed me some eyedrops, that's it ;)

update about the wedding preparation,
i already got the Even Organizer, and going to make appointment to meet him next monday,
tomorrow i have to go to the travel agent to book the ticket for my honeymoon,
then go to try on some wedding gown ;)

last but not least for puppies!!
i hope you won't get sick of them, i love them too much!! ;D

Momo intimidated by the evil Dodo

Surrender to the dark prince...

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