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Saturday, June 20, 2009

2009.06.20 Suckling Pig, Bridal Gown and More

Finally gotta try this Chandra's Suckling Pig,
i heard it was good!! so mom and I would like t try it, and it was on the way to the salon anyway
we have tons of this fresh young coconut in Bali, so refreshing, so good ;D
My FAVORITE sweet ice tea in Indo, Teh Botol (Bottle Tea)
the food is here!!
the skin was pretty crunchy, but there was not a lot of meat...boohoo,
i still prefer the one in Ubud though
The que line was so longgggggg...

After the lunch we heading to hair salon to get our hair blow dried, this is the result ;)
colorful chicken's cage on the street
this is what i miss the most about Bali, clear blue sky, we have no high buildings whatsoever
At the Bridal,
I was trying on so many gowns...lots of them just not my type of dresses...
here's my journey to the "it" dress ;D
too much gold accents...
the tail was so cute though ;)
this one is too gliterry for my taste ;p
this one is pretty, but the torso part is so see-through,
the bottom part is soso...
but this one have nice details on the embroidery
this so-called "royalty" style not match me that well too ;p
I REALLY like this one,
but then it was wayyyyyyy too small for me!! hahahaha...cannot fit!! weeee...!!
nice nice nice!!
Andddddddd......finally!!! ;D
i used this dress last year on my pre-wedding photoshoot,
and i told my mom that i would like to use this dress again,
but she told me to tried on some other dresses, to see the option,
but no dress were prettier than this one,
it's super beautiful, that no matter what side you look at this dress, it always pretty ;D
this is the one for me ;)
it's classic but not boring, the color is prefect!!
i love the lace and ruffles details all over the dress
the long train is perfect for the gorgeous chapel ;)
trying on 2 different veils,
i think this one is pretty with the thin lace on the edge
my mom prefers this one, she said it match the gown very well,
what do you think?? ;)
Already tried this much dresses...haha, I'm glad i found the one ;)

After that, we went to this little restaurant at the Sanur beach,
they are famous fore their fish dishAlign RightFried fish with lots of chili sauce
Fried fish roe
looks like...........ehm...uhauhauhuhauha XD~
did not really realize it until i saw the pic!! LOL!!
my mom ate this much was mixed with the lime and sweet soy sauce,
it's Indonesian way to eat it ;p
haven't have this for long long time!! ;D

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