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Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009.06.21 Maybelline Haul

I wonder why Asian version usually have cute'errr packaging??
don't remember to see this Pink tube mascara while in US,
do you think this is too cheesy for US market?
this cost around $7


  1. lol. u know what thats true. the packaging for Asia different and much cuter in my opinion. It doesnt look cheesy to me.

  2. it issss truuueeeee. i saw this foundation for maybelline soooo cute but it doesnt even exist here in us not even name of foundation. laaame right? hehe aweeeeee i want to visit different asia place.

  3. is it the Maybelline Angel Fit??
    i want to try it at taiwan, they have larger selection too ;D
    my friend told me that in Taiwan they sell the Maybelline gel liner too, the one similar to mac / bb.


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