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Monday, June 29, 2009

2009.06.29 Lunch@Kolega

After the dress fitting we went for lunch at Kolega that selling Javanese foods,
at first i wanted to go to Trattoria, an Italian restaurant,
but mom was craving for this place, and i never been here too,
so i was eager to try too ;D

I went there with Mom and my Grandma ;)
here's what i got,
perkedel (potato fritter), chicken with lots of spice (not spicy though), chicken's liver, the-so-called-century-egg (not the chinese one) and some noodle
on top of that, also having a Rawon (mutton soup)
OMG!! the rawon was super delicious!!!! no kidding, it's not sweet like how some restaurant cooked it, but this is the real deal!! remember to ask extra bean sprout for this, sooooooo delish!!
anddddddd...i also have dessert...haha!!
forgive me father for i keep on gaining weight!!! ---> dad...this is what i ate today...HAHA!!
ok, this is Es Teler. the direct translation is "Drunken Ice" lol...really doesn't make sense!
anyway, it's the mixed of young coconut, avocado, jackfruit, topped with shave ice and milk (and syrup too i guess) so good!!!
if you plan to go to Indonesia, please try this, one of my favorite ;)

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