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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009.06.16 SALE, Enormous Lash

i just wrote a new post about enormous lash few days ago,
for those who do not know about what it is,
check this out ---> click here

whit asked me about how is it,
i just started using it few days ago,
i will post a picture next months to see if it's really work ;)'s the good news for you all!!

this stuff is expensive, cost for $95 + tax ----> off course not a good news ya!!

so, during Nordstorm's anniversary, on July 17th
they will sell this for buy one get one free!!
what a deal!!

no, I'm not paid by Nordstorm to advertise this ok...
the sales assistant told me when i purchased this before i leave Seattle
so i think i wanna share this to my fellow readers

oh ya, and she told me that it's ok to return it if it does not work for me,
i love Nordstorm, they have awesome service ;)

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