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Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009.06.25 Fun Groceries Shopping!!

What I love about grocery shopping in Bali is...HUGE selection of fresh fruits and vegetables ;D
fun fun fun, i love tropical fruits

Mom picking Edamame...and also posing...LOL
Bangkok's Starfruit,
i used to had starfruit tree on my garden ;D
Tropical Fruits
Various Type of Mangoes
The guy was helping my dad picking up some ripe fruits...he promise that they are sweet and juicy, "or money back guarantee", he said
A Loooooooooottttttt of Bananas, heaven for the chimps XD~
Food Vendor
The Traditional Snack Vendor
It looks like a cake, so cute!!! the shape of Bali Island is just like that
Snack Corner...i LOVE ;D
Imported stuff section
Mom picking up oranges
Various Dried Crackers, ready to be fry ~~~
Traditional goodies, Brown Sugar, Black Sticky rice and more
huu...haaa...Spiciness!!! Fresh Cayenne Pepper!!! in various color and size, the smaller it get, the spicier it became XD~
My favorite drink, luckily, the also have this at Seattle!!
Lays in various flavor, not available in US ;p
the end of the shopping time ;D
PS. this Carrefour offers free ride to go to their place, pretty cool no?? ;D

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