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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009.06.23 Wedding preparation

I'm so glad that we got to meet the Event Organizer today to talk about the wedding,
his portfolio was quite impressive,
been handling lots of nice wedding,
tomorrow we'll go to the wedding dinner place to plan it even more

Hendra, from the Kana EO and daddy

daddy was so busy explaining his plan...and my bro couldn't care more...LOL

also went to prepare the invitation today,
i'm so excited, because they can produce it in such a short period of time,
and the price was reasonable too (less than $1.50 for a hardcover invitation card)
the sample will be ready in 2 days, then i have to check if it match with my request

My granny bought this from Surabaya for $2 each
we called it Bakcang in indonesia ( Zhong zi in Chinese)
it's sticky rice wrapped with leaves, the filling can be various
the one i had was really good, it has...pork, mushroom, salted duck egg, yummy!!

busy busy day,
and i was so weak today and i 've been having weird pressure on my lower belly,
dad took me to the doctor and we found out that i have problem in my digestive,
got 3 types of pills, it's much better now ;)

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