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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009.06.24 Another Meeting for the Big Day!!

first of all...
this is Risoles, deep fried Indoesian pastry with assorted creamy vegetables inside,
I've been craving for this for months and months!! XD~
the sauce was sour mustard with diced vegetables
then we meet up with Hongkong Garden Restaurant's owner,
they will be our (Chinese Food) caterer for the wedding event,
this grandpa is the owner ;)
they prepare this new dish for us to try,
rice noodle with golden vegetable, mushroom and carrot,
it was really good and definitely will be on our menu for the event
cannot wait for the REAL food testing with the complete dish...
my lucky stomach is happy!! very happy!!
but everyone here keep telling me that i'm super FAT!! duh!! XD~~
ok lha...i'll be on diet after i recover from my digestive problem!! ;p

and then,
we went to the location for my wedding banquet,
it's a nice outdoor area, we will have garden party there
last but not least,
a NORMAL scene i encounter on the street,
yes yes, they will put everything on their motorbike, as long as it fit,
and ehm...yes, helmet is optional too!! ;p

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