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Monday, June 15, 2009

2009.06.26 I'm at Taipeiiii


guess what, I'm at Taipei, Taiwan right now,
not for visiting purpose, but it's my transit site

my flight from Seattle - Taiperi was about 11 hours and 30 minutes,
faster than it used to be, 13 hours
i slept so good during the flight, and watched 2 movies: "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Coraline" it was pretty good, i think the Coraline supposed to be a 3D movie,
i love it how they start to make lots of the 3D movie,
can't wait for the ice age, must be so cool!!! ;)

oh ya, there were several turbulence during my flight,
but i wasn't scare at all...weird!!
because i was super duper nervous before my flight,
because i've been watching those plane crash video...horrible!!
it made me really scare about my flight,
i was sick for 2 days before my flight...due to a high amount of stress...LOL
silly silly me!!

my flight to Denpasar, Bali will start boarding in 2 hours,
and i've been waiting for about 3 hours at the airport, it's kinda boring to be here bymyself,
especially there were a creepy guy that always follow me from the Seattle
when i arrived Taipei...i found a seat a a random gate, and guess what...few minutes after that he was sit behind me
and i moved again to another random gate (i haven't found my boarding gate yet),
then...30 minutes later, he sit on the same row with me!! i paranoid or he really a creepy guy?? uhahuahuuhauha....hubby will think that i'm think too much!!
but i'm here bymyself, have to be really careful, right? ;)

anyway, i already found my boarding gate, at D4,
where i got free internet connection...finally!! ;D

i can't wait to arrive at Bali soon,
my mom was so sweet, i called her before my flight,
she told me that she (have people to) clean my room, service the air conditioner (Bali is super HOT!) and all of my dogs were had a bath already,
so everyone should be ready for my arrival,
she also said that she prepared those tropical fruit for me at home...oh how i miss those sweet, juicy fruits!!

i'm kinda regret that i didn't have my pocket camera with me,
there weer some cool stuff at the airport, where they decorate the cow's statue,
really interesting, there were maybe 10 of them

ps. i manage to put a sheet mask during the flight to hydrating my skin, and after that using the medical mask to avoid lot of people were wearing mask during the flight, especially the asian passengers, it looks like a doctor's conference on the plain...LOL

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