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Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009.06.21 Girls Day Out

I dedicated this 101th post to my girls, Savitri and Archia,
thank you for a fabulous day out!!
thank you for treating me all day long,
thank you for the company, thank you for the fun,
thank you for the friendship,
i can't never thank you enough, can I? ;)

we started our day with late lunch at Bali Nikmat,
this place serve good Chinese food, it's really tasty, far from bland!
and the price was ok too, not too crazy

we all got this super tiny sweet ice tea XD~

The Appetizer Platter,
Char-Shew, Jelly Fish Salad, Hainan Chicken, Chinese Doughnut and more!

String Beans with Minced Pork, soo gooddd!!!
this is Medium size, but looks so
in Indonesia, Chinese food often come in S, M or L size

Their speciality, and my favorite too!!
Premium Crab Cooked with Salted Egg Sauce

We also ordered the Black Pepper Sauce Premium Crab

dunno why this pic is so dark! ;p

Sav Bebe doing touch up after the lunch...LOL

After the lunch we went to karaoke, but he picture were at Sav's cam,
i have to copy it from her laterrrrrrr...because she need forever to upload it...XD~
the only picture i have from the karaoke was us cam-whoring at the toilet, LOL

Inul Vista...LOL, the Karaoke place


  1. you have beautiful friends and you're beautiful as well. I cant believe im looking at all these delicious food since no one cooked dinner tonight so im on my own lol

  2. thank you!! she's not only beautiful, but also sings beautifully, and also have a beautiful heart, i'm lucky!! ;D


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