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Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009.06.21 100th Post, A Humble Beginning

It's hard to believe, this is my 100th post already!!
have i really wrote that much?? ;D

i started this blog because my sisters asked me to do so,
we live in different country, so the time difference make it hard for us to communicate sometimes...
so I started to write about random stuff that going on in my life,
and she was my one and only reader,

then i start blog about Beauty, Make Up and Cosmetics,
because i haven't had time to make new videos for my subscriber at youtube,
and Blog is just so convenient, and less time consuming (i still love making video though!) ;)
that was the time i started to open my blog to public

Later on, i start to adding the food section in my blog,
introducing the local food around Seattle area, the city where i currently live
i really love to try on new food, and i think it will be cool if i share it with you too ;)

and now, I'm back in my hometown, Denpasar, Bali for spending my summer,
and also preparing for my wedding celebration in 1,5 months
this place is really beautiful, and i want to show it to you all,
the places, the food and beyond

thank you all for being so sweet and be the reader of my humble blog,

and last but not least, I'm truly grateful for a sister that have such a big faith in me,
thank you for keep pushing me to write even that i really have no confident to write,
without you, this blog will never be exist =)

with LOTS of LOVE,
Seni Jehnsen


  1. once you start blogging, you never stop lol. Its addicting for me.


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