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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009.06.16 Introducing...Bengkuang!!

I got the pretty image from here

hi all,
let me introduce you to my first food in Bali,
it's a stuff they like to put on Indonesian's fruit salad,
it's a type of root, we call it "Bengkuang"
there's no significant taste, it's kinda bland, but watery,
i like it just the way it is,
or sometimes we eat it with a melted brown sugar mixed with tamarind ;)

it looks like this inside, white, and crisp,
the texture is almost like...radish, but taste nothing like it,
i like to eat this Bengkuang because it's so refreshing,
and cool down your body too, perfect for tropical place like Bali

Indonesian people also use this Bengkuang as ingredient in their whitening mask

Mommy peeled this for me, looks like this

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