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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009.06.30 Not the Ordinary Salads that You Know

Ciao tutti,
you will not see any single lettuce, tomato, with some Italian dressing in this post,
but this two salad that i will introduce to you is way beyond that,
Balinese traditional type and Indonesian traditional type of salads

Rujak Cingur,
Indonesian salad with Cow's snout
yes, it's not about the name, it's literally contain the chewy cooked cow's snout,
i LOVE the cow's snout and usually asked for some extra...haha
in this picture, the ingredient of my salads were: tofu, tempe (soya cake), bengkuang, bean sprout, and green vegetables only.
usually they will put some unripe mango, sweet apple, pineapple, but i don't like it ;p
the sauce were made out of Javanese sugar (its like brown sugar, but more fragrant), tamarind, and some more other spice.
Rujak Bulung Putih with Kuah Pindang
the Balinese white seaweed salad.
it looks like noodle, very soft and nice, sprinkled with fried soy bean on top,
then poured with mackerel broth

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