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Friday, June 5, 2009

2009.06.04 Birthday Dinner mozzila firefox crashed while i was blogging...boohoo...
the 2nd time of this week!! ayaya...
ok, let me start over agaiiinnn ;D

so today, me and hubby went for a low key dinner at our favorite sushi place, Musashi
is you love traditional sushi (not all those fancy sushi roll), then this is your place to go!!
the size is ok a.k.a not those gigantic sushi type, but the good!!!

everyone LOVING it!!!
this little place is always jam-packed, no kidding!!

it's summer already in Seattle,
I'm so happy that we don't need to wear layers and layers of cloths anymore,
love love love, that we can wear flip flop,
and especially, it's the real summer now!!!
unlike like 3 weeks ago while i got punk'd by Seattle's weather,
when i peek from the window, it was so sunny, so i decided to wear a short,
but then, while i'm outside, it was so freaking cold, with super strong wind!! LOL
okok...enough the mumbling, continue writing about food now ;p

Summer is my favorite time of the year ;D

Finally we got a seat...yipeee!!
here's my hubby, Tony...his hair is so long already,
it made him looks like baby switsal...a soap bar that i used when i was little XD~~
hahahhaha...i hope he does NOT check my blog that often ;p

25, i'm 25 now!! hit my quarter life...*assuming i will live for 100 years*

Joysha!!! i found (actually Tony did) your exhibition poster on the wall!!!

i think it's really cool that they put a lot of Seattle's most recent event poster on the wall,
so we can browsing around while waiting for the food

ok ok ok , here's come the food!!!
Chirashi!! it's assorted sashimi on top of the sushi rice,
i can't even start to telling you how good this was...
it have the perfect amount of the rice vinegar on the sushi rice, lil bit tangy,
ah ya, before i forget, this Chirashi is not on the menu (don't know why!!)
but you can always order it ;)
prepare to droooooooooooollllllllll.....!

i requested for extra Ikura on top of my Chirashi,
usually it only come with Tobiko

here, to show what it looks like underneath the sashimi,
they have some fresh clam,
and a roasted seaweed on top of the sushi rice

Saba Sashimi, ooomphhhh!!! i'm drooling already right now... XD~

Zucchini skewer...burnt!!!! good thing they did not charged us for this one

this chirashi always brings smile to my face...big big one!! *grin*

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