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Monday, June 29, 2009

2009.06.29 Dress Fitting

Mom ask me to accompany her to the dress fitting, and as course i want to try on some dresses too!! haha...I'm so predictable no? ;p
We were trying on those super bling bling dresses, it might look MOCE (Balinese world for 'cheesy') on the picture,
but the dresses were super fabulous on real life, much better than the picture
because of her veryyyyyyy discipline diet, now my mom is slimmer than me, oh, i'm so jealous!!
i have too much temptation here, too much good food!! aahahahhaha....talking about poor self control here ;p
Mom looks so pretty on that dress, she rarely dressed up, and i think she should dress up more, since now she's so slim, the dresses looks really nice on her ;)

this mermaid line dress should make me feels like a beautiful sparkling mermaid...
but thank you for my huge appetite, this make me feels like a shinny walrus instead! LOL

i will keep the other picture, so it will be surprise later,
I promise to upload it after the wedding day,
do not want to spoil it all ;)

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