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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009.07.01 it's July already, and I Miss You!!

it's been more than 2 weeks that i haven't seen Tony, and i miss him dearly!!
this picture of us were captured during our surprise bachelor and bachelorette party, 2 days before i leave Seattle.
The party was really fun,
but unfortunately, I never get to blog about this since i was busy packing for my trip.
my friends were really sweet and nice, they prepare everything, even got all the props, huge hat for T, and bling bling tiara for me, event the boa!! i miss them all too, thank you thank you thank you, i could never thank you enough for the fun ;D
I miss you Tony,
I miss all of my friends in Seattle too,
i will be forever grateful for having you all in my life ;)

ps. i did wrote an entry about my FOTD while ago,
check it out if you want to know what make u i had that time
one thing i like to wrote about FOTD is to make a beauty diary
i have a terrible memory, and forget things easily ;p

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